About Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is located in the heart  of the state of New Mexico, on the sides of Rio Grande river that throughs divides the city into its northen to southern suburbs. It has a population of 557,169 people and it is the most populous city in the state, ranking 32nd in the United States. Albuquerque is famous for its International Balloon Fiesta in early October, one of the largest balloons gatherings around the world.

Famous Cuisine

New Mexico, but especially Albuquerque, is famous for it’s cuisine. Red and green chiles, blue corn, and squase comprise some of the main ingredient in the spicy Native American dishes. Spanish settlers the settlers brought ingredients when they came to New Mexico from Europe and Mexico such as like flour, chile peppers, pork and more. These diverse influences formed the unique New Mexican Cuisine. The most popular dishes are breakfast burritos, stacked enchiladas and stuffed sopaipillas.


Although Albuquerque, NM is well known for its Native American, Hispanic, Latino and Anglo cultures,  more than 70 different ethnic groups makes Albuquerque one the cities with the most diverse culture in the United States. Influences of these different ethnic groups such as African American, Asian, Middle Eastern, and many others can be seen in architecture, art, and cuisine.

EconomyAlbuquerque sunset

Albuquerque’s economy is based around technology, energy, aerospace, and manufacturing with large companies attracting highly educated professionals to the city. As the state provides economic incentives to companies that create jobs in the region such as tax credits and exceptions, many large companies have moved to Albuquerque from as far away as Worcester, MA. Its unemployment rate is 5.6%, pacing the national average. The city was rated as the Best for Business and Careers in 2006 by Forbes magazine and among the Top 10 Best Cities To Live In The U.S.