About Fresno, California

Fresno is the fifth largest city in the state of California and the 34th largest in the United States with a population of 520,159 people. It is located in San Joaquin Valley. In Spanish, Fresno has the significance of “ash tree,” and a leaf of an ash tree is on Fresno’s flag.


Due to it’s rough landscape, dry climate, and inconvenient location, Fresno, CA was established in only 1872 by the Central Pacific Railroad Company. A railway station was created because the railroad director at the time, Leland J. Stanford, saw a grain field and chose it as the place for it to go. Three years later, in 1875,  a place south of Fresno became home to the Central California Colony and the development of the San Joaquin Valley began. The area was landscaped with palm trees and eucalyptus that are resistant to the area’s dry climate and it very soon attracted families of farmers from Northern Europe and other parts of the United States.


The climate is semi-arid, warm, and dry most of the times. Just like the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, winters are mild and wettish, with December and January being the coldest months with 46 F average temperature. Similar to Round Rock, TX, summers are hot and dry. July is the warmest month with an average of 83 F and 97% of possible sunshine hours. On average, the rainfall is close to 11.5 inches, which makes the area a semidesert.


80 different nationalities form a multicultural community and have been peacefully living in Fresno. Almost half of Fresno’s population is White (with 30% being Mon-Hispanic), 12% Asian, a little bit more than 8% African American, almost 2% Native American and 23% of other races. The size of the average household in Fresno is 3.07 and the average family consists of 3.62 members. The average age is 29.3 years. One third of the Fresno’s population is underaged (under 18), 12% is between 18 and 24 years of age, one third is between 25 and 44, one quarter is aged 45 to 64 and only 9.3% of Fresno people being 65 years old or older. Women represent the majority in Fresno as for every 100 women there are 96 men.