About Greenville, SC

Greenville is located in upstate South Carolina, and with a growing population of 63,000 people is the sixth largest city in the state. Greenville has been characterized by various publications as a city with immense economic growth and more specifically one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities in the United States, the 3rd Strongest Job Market and the 13th Best City for Young Professionals. Greenville’s downtown is featured on lists of the top destinations to visit in the United States.

Things to Do

Greenville, South Carolina is among the “Top 100 Arts Small Towns in the United States” and there are various cultural activities and historical attractions. Well known bands  and theater companies perform in event venues in the local theaters during their tours. The best place for trade shows, conferences and big events is the Palmetto Expo Center, which offers a huge area for exhibitions and smaller rooms for meetings and conferences. For visitors interested in performing arts there is Centre Stage, Greenville’s Professional Theater that can be easily accessed from Falls Park and West End. The Greenville County Museum of Art is free and is worth a visit along with Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery.

EducationGreenville, South Carolina view

When it comes to education, the city’s public school district has 14 high schools, 18 junior high schools and 50 elementary schools ranking among the 50 largest school districts in the United States. 5,200 teachers are employed by the district with two out of three holding a master’s degree. Apart from traditional public schools, there is an art boarding school too. Private and religious schools are both available, and so are schools for children with learning disabilities. There are several higher education institutions such as colleges and universities, with many students from northern cities such as Albany, NY, to study here.


The climate is humid-subtropical and the four seasons are distinct, with cold but short winters and warm and wet summers. The coldest month is April with the daily average temperature is 42 F, and the hottest month is July with 26.6 F average temperature. Precipation is 47 inches per year.