About Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is located on the Missouri River, in Nebraska, in Midwestern United States and has a population of 446,599 people. It is the largest city in Nebraska and the 41st largest city in the country. Omaha is famous for being the home to the head offices of 5 Fortune 500 companies: ConAgra Foods, Union Pacific Corporation, Mutual of Omaha, Kiewit Corporation, and Berkshire Hathaway. It is also home of the famous investor Warren Buffet one of the richest people in the world according to Forbes. Though Omaha is has the most billionaires per capita in the United States, it also has the most citizens living below the line of poverty.

Historyomaha at sunset

In the area that later became Omaha, Nebraska used to live Native American tribes including those of Ponca and Omaha originally from the area plus Pawnee, Otoe, Missouri, and Ioway that originated from Ohio River and came to the West at the beginning of 17th century. The city’s name, Omaha, means “Those going against the wind or current.” The first activity in the area began on 1804, after the discovery of the area by the Lewis and Clark Expedition that passed by the shore. Soon after that fur trading settlements were built and there was extreme competition between fur traders in the area until the American Fur Company was formed. The city of Omaha was only established in 1854 by European Americans.


Omaha’s economy, similar to Tulsa, OK, has experienced an immense growth the past 25 years. It is based on a variety of industries such as banking and finance, telecommunications, insurance, construction and architecture and transportation. There are many high-tech and technology companies such as Linkedin, PayPal, First Data and Bank of the West. Omaha, NE is the 8th city in billionaires per-capita and Fortune 500 companies per-capita. Omaha’s most famous businessman is the billionaire Warren Buffet. Omaha was included in Forbes’ list of the Best Places for Business and Careers.


Omaha’s attractions are famous around the country and have been acclaimed by national journals among them the Boston Globe and The New York Times. The Omaha Community Playhouse is the largest playhouse in the United States. Joslyn Art Museum has very important collections of artworks and Omaha’s Children’s Museum is an interactive museum where children can play, discover interesting things about the world and learn in a playful way.