About Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa is the second largest city in Oklahoma, after Oklahoma City, the capital of the state. It is among the 50 most popular cities in the Unites States, with 398,121 citizens as of July 2013.


The climate in Tulsa, OK is humid subtropical with an average temperature of 61 degrees during the day and precipitation in the city is 40 inches on average. On average, the sun shines 227 days a year, unlike Albuquerque, New Mexico, which boasts a 310 sunshine day average.


Tulsa is called “The Oil Capital of the World” with the US Oil and Gas Association operating there since October 13, 1917, with the oil industry having a commanding industry in Tulsa’s economy. Moreover, there is significant presence and growth in the areas of finance, technology, aerospace, telecommunications, IT and manufacturing. The largest employer in Tulsa is American Airlines located in Tulsa’s International Airport being the largest aircraft maintenance facility in the world. In Tulsa is manufactured 60% of all goods Oklahoma exports.

Tulsa is among the best cities to establish a business or do business with as the cost is very low and the city’s income growth is very high. Although Tulsa is home to large corporations, more than 80% of the city’s companies are small businesses. The unemployment rate is a low as 4.5%.

Culturebeautiful Tulsa

Tulsa is the most artistic city in Oklahoma as downtown buildings, churches and river parks are decorated with works of outstanding artistry. With the Tulsa Performing Arts Center that hosts ballet, opera, and  Broadway musicals throughout the year and the Glicrease with an immense collection of Western American Art, Tulsa’s citizens can enjoy a high and rich in culture quality of life.


When it comes to transportation, Tulsa has 97 buses and 2 airports for civilians. Goods can be transported both nationally and internationally through the Tulsa Port of Cartoosa. The price of gas is relatively low and with it’s extensive highway system commuters drive to and from work easily. There are several hospitals owned by The Saint Francis Health System, such as Saint Francis Hospital, that is the second medical care employer in the state of Oklahoma.