Neovora Company Mandate:

executive-summaryWe assist businesses in maximizing their client acquisition and retention campaigns. Using the business’s client database, we develop a clear, data-centric understanding of clients’ buying behavior. We then guide the business in leveraging this strategic insight to maximize all marketing efforts. In short, we help our clients dramatically increase the ROI of all their marketing campaigns.

Problem Facing Businesses Today:

Many small and medium businesses are struggling to survive against large, competitive corporations who have huge marketing budgets, a large team of top marketers, and the most efficient marketing strategies. Most of the time, the small business owner has neither the time nor resources to find, recruit, and hire the right people for key positions in their company. And this is why so many great business ideas fail – because any idea needs a team of skilled, experienced people to put it in practice. Unsupported by human capital adding up to its value, a business will wither and fade out.

The Neovora Competitive Advantage:

Neovora is an evolving, education-centric, and testing based organization that brings together an extremely talented group of client acquisition and retention experts. We test everything to ensure our strategies bring our clients the absolute best results. With our diverse backgrounds and one common passion, we are able to assist any local business client in achieving their client acquisition and retention goals. We begin working with every client to identify simple actions that they can take that will bring big results. We then work to develop a longer-term comprehensive game plan that achieves our clients personal and business objectives.

Competitive Landscape:

While there are several competitors in the marketing, SEO & Business Intelligence industry, there are zero competitors focusing on providing a strong combination of marketing & business intelligence to small- to medium-sized businesses. Indirect Business Intelligence competitors, such as Oracle, provide business intelligence services to Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.