March 18, 2016


Local Market Domination in Round Rock, Texas

Internet marketing and SEO company opens new HQ in Round Rock to serve professional services industries in Texas and across the United States.

Round Rock, TX. Professional service business owners operating in a highly competitive market who look to dominate their local market and beat competition have a new solution with Neovora, LLC.

Neovora, LLC has decades of experience working with small businesses to help them grow their business by rendering competition a non-factor within the major search engines.

Neovora helps small & medium sized businesses in extremely competitive markets across many professional service industries, a few of which are: family and cosmetic dental offices, plastic surgery, law offices (business, bankruptcy, and divorce), home contracting services, new and used car sales.

A few of the strategies that they implement to dominate local marketplaces and generate leads are: social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

These tools are strategically implemented to generate more leads than the competition. After the initial capture of leads, their back-end strategies are implemented to increase conversion rate and eventually raise the average customer lifetime value.

“Having been a consultant in the professional services industry has allowed me to see how small and medium sized business struggle to generate leads and grow their business in the technological age,” says Andre Soares, CEO of Neovora.

Andre goes on to say, “Neovora works alongside companies that operate in highly competitive local markets. Our specialty is placing a business’ brand on the first page of all relevant Google searches, driving leads and growth through the roof. Local searches are the majority of over one trillion searches on Google per year, and each local market is ripe for the picking. First movers and those with the strongest abilities are able to completely dominate local search results on Google and other search engines.”

Small business owners who are looking for a leg up over competitors on the internet and digital channels are those who contract with Neovora. The business’ staff is highly adept at handling many industries and prides themselves on only working with one industry per local market.

Neovora is highly flexible and currently has clients in the following markets: Albany, NY, Albuquerque, NM, Bridgeport, CT, Fresno, CA, Greenville, SC, Knoxville, TN, Omaha, NB, Portland, OR, Tulsa, OK, Wilmington, DE, and Worcester, MA.

For more information about their products and services, visit to learn how you can dominate the first page of Google and other major internet search engines.

Neovora, LLC offers free consultations that allow them to tailor a marketing strategy that will work to further a business’ objectives.

About Neovora, LLC

Neovora is a digital marketing agency that offers internet marketing solutions to small businesses across the USA. They work primarily with professional services and those industries that are highly competitive for local search marketing. To learn more about Neovora, visit

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