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Simply examining the small and medium sized business environment in Fresno CA, you will find that the times, they are a-changin’. Internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are dramatically changing the way that customers and business owners interact.

As a top Fresno SEO Company, Neovora knows how to leverage this trend to help our partners grow using the internet.

For the majority of Americans, being on the internet went from a basement hobby to an invaluable tool that we use for hours each day. What would we do without it? Most business operations would practically cease. Teens and young adults would fail in a society based on actual social interaction. Worse yet, we’d have to return to traditional methods of communicating with our target prospects!!

We believe that business owners have a tremendous amount to gain from using the internet’s capabilities to their advantage.

Web marketing and SEO are going to help some Fresno businesses completely dominate the local market. Those businesses that implement a thorough and complete online and offline marketing plan will experience lead generation like never before. Neovora is one of the nation’s best SEO companies and produces results in lead generation that is more effective, efficient, and grounded in both online and offline experience and strategies.

Our experience with local business owners around the USA has proven that any company that decides to invest in local SEO strategies comes out a winner. Local businesses can completely dominate their local search engine results with our effective marketing tactics.

Clovis, California | Digital Marketing Services

Businesses that use traditional marketing methods can sense the shortcomings in their marketing campaigns. Small and medium sized businesses are those kinds of companies that stand the most to gain from implementing some kind of digital marketing.

Without some kind of internet presence, businesses are losing both clients and prospects to those competitors who are leveraging the internet to its full potential. As a top SEO Firm, we know exactly how to help our partners with this predicament.

Our specialty is helping small and medium sized businesses completely dominate their local market. Domination means that our partners receive the majority of leads that the internet is supplying the local industry. Our partners receive more leads than the competition – and as a result – receive more revenue, and secure a more promising future.

There are an abundance of leads available through the internet because it’s BY FAR the leading channel for prospects to search for their everyday needs and wants. In addition to news and social media, prospects are using the internet to find local solutions to the goods and services that they need.

If a business has an internet presence and good website design and flow, then the chances that prospects will come across that business and eventually become a client are high.

The web design builder has emphasized having a good looking site, but has completely left out the most important part.. This part is called search engine optimization. SEO is how Google and other search engines rank a website and display it for customers in the local area to stumble across the webpage.

This internet presence is crucial for many reasons. For one, business owners need to be conscious that building a website is more than just colors and layouts. It’s about how to establish that brand as the market expert, the best, the most experienced, the most technologically current, the most trustworthy brand out there. This is what SEO affords.

However, this result is rarely reached by most businesses. The time to gain that much know-how and expertise simply isn’t there. Business owners are experts in their respective industry and lack the time to learn SEO and digital marketing. SEO truly IS a deep tunnel. We’ve been studying, perfecting, and constantly updating our methods for years now.

Most businesses completely fail our free website analysis. Then when the results are explained and critiqued, business owners are left confused.

“I didn’t know how to create a website so I hired a web design builder. The website builders told me that with my new website creation I would receive many new clients!”

This is a common thing to hear. This website never once makes it to page one of the SERP results. It’s currently nowhere near being found by potential clients. So, unfortunately for 99% of businesses out there, there is a huge disconnect between people’s knowledge of internet marketing and marketing companies promising the moon without the proper know-how and guarantee of services.

Madera CA Local SEO Expert | Online Marketing Agency

As the leading County of Fresno SEO expert, we have every aspect of search engine optimization down to systems and processes. Ranking a new website on page one of Google is our bread and butter. We are not a new website design maker, a website designer, or a creative agency. We are data scientists and search engine gurus.

Our careers and our business depends on us understanding the intricacies of the search engine ranking algorithms. Here are some things we need to be on top of at every juncture of internet news:

  • What technical aspects make a webpage rank?
  • What on-page components are rewarded by Google?
  • How to build the best industry-specific back links and citations?
  • Which methods are most successful at improving index-ability?
  • Which social media properties best leverage a business’ internet presence?

With Neovora, making a website is just the beginning, and is inherent in what we do. Our proven and tested systems are applicable to a large number of industries that we have experience with. More important than the website itself is the advanced strategies and processes that are implemented to make that website powerful.

This power is derived from a few different pillars of SEO. The pillars are as follows:

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Index-Ability

When these pillars are implemented correctly, business owners are left with a remarkable tool. If leveraged correctly, business owners will have an interesting issue on their hand. This issue will be how to possibly deal with the incredible number of new leads, clients, and fulfillment!

Fresno-Madera Metro Area SEO Services Company | Marketing Strategy

When the pillars that we mentioned above are implemented for a dental practice, for example, what happens? Let’s explain.

When a website is converted from run-of-the-mill to fully optimized in true Neovora fashion, an interesting thing happens. As you know, search engines are constantly indexing and browsing all new webpages on the internet. Websites that experience our SEO treatment are now predominately displayed by Google and other competing search engines.

Search engines identify the website in question as being one with a tremendous amount of value and credibility. As a result, they deem them worthy enough to be ranked on the first page of Google, ahead of websites that have been around for a decade or more in some cases.

Take for example a dentist in Tower District. After a Neovora search engine optimization transition, a dental office would rank in the top 3 results for keywords that are being used everyday. Imagine being a dentist with a website on the top of the results page for the following keywords:

  • dental office
  • family dentistry
  • tooth veneers
  • teeth whitening
  • pediatric dentistry

This placement is extremely valuable, and here is why. Prospects who are searching for those keywords above, are looking for a reputable, trustworthy source of information online. They are looking for a dental practice that can address their questions and provide immediate solutions to what they need.

Because our partner’s website is among the first websites for each of these keywords, the percentage that the prospect clicks on the link and enters their website is dramatically raised. The higher the ranking, the higher the percentage of clicks.

Because the website is scattered across a wide range of these kinds of keywords, the prospect begins to recognize our partner’s brand name as a market leader. One whose presence is backed and even recommended by Google’s complex algorithms.

Are you excited? You should be. This is BIG news!

Sanger SEO Agency | Internet Lead Generation

Lets go back to those four pillars. They help explain this whole situation a bit better. This is the foundation of our practice. What we do is complete those four pillars and apply a carefully crafted solution for our partner.

On Page SEO – On page SEO is the outward-facing component of a website. The things that we do which are classified as on-page SEO are: schema mark up, marketing and keyword research, improving overall page load speed, identifying Geotags and retroactively Geotagging all media on a website, video embedding, content publishing and scheduling.

Most important to an on-page SEO campaign is developing an internal page structure that is favorable to Google. When a business considers making a website, there are foundational structures that must be implemented. A business must enact a content marketing strategy in addition to a video marketing plan.

Fortunately, we’ve created the map and layout that are ideal. This kind of layout is rewarded by Google. This is one of our most important intellectual property components and one that we would never let slip into competitors’ hands. Without ideal on-page SEO, a website simply won’t make it into the top ranking websites for their target keywords.

Off Page SEO – Off-page SEO is the kind of search engine optimization that starts from other webites, away from the domain and points links back to your website. These referring back links are incredibly important to a website. They help establish credibility and trustworthiness. Imagine these links as a reputation builder. Wouldn’t a business owner want only high quality referrals and testimonials sending business in their direction?

What is true in real life is also true on the internet. Quality backlinks are one of the strongest points of a business’ SEO campaigns. Mishandled, a website can be punished severely by the powers that be. This means no spam links, no spam comments. These are most commonly used by SEO companies looking for quick but underwhelming results.

Social Media Strategy – With a powerful website that is predominately displayed across the web, businesses need to interact with prospects. Prospects will be drawn to the website as it scales the ranks online. In order to build relationships and convert leads to clients, businesses need to cultivate these relationships.

Social media is ideal for nurturing prospects who need extra time to consider the products and services available. With rich media social posts, businesses can highlight their business, products, services, and testimonials.

This kind of content helps convert leads that are on the fence. It also helps convert leads that are looking for any information source online. Once they stumble across an active social media source, they devour content and learn about the business in the process. Video and email marketing are next in queue.

Index-Ability – What good are all of these assets if the website is not found by search engines? There are a few crucial components that a website needs in order to be identified and searchable by the search engine spiders. These spiders are digital robots that scour the internet in an attempt to index and categorize every page on the internet.

As the top SEO Company near Sanger, CA , we know exactly how to get sites indexed properly. This is the most essential part of our business. Without this step, our partners’ websites will not rank among the top listings.

Website Design and Website Development for All of Fresno County

If you have any more questions regarding any of these four pillars, you can find more information on our video blog series. We endeavor to educate small and medium sized business owners in Fresno and around the USA.

It’s a wonderful tool to implement in-office, if business owners can find the time and resources. The results are dramatic increase in revenue and an ROI that will make you wonder why you did not begin sooner.

If you are considering a Fresno SEO Agency, we would like you to consider becoming our partner. Neovora only partners with one business in each of our target markets. In order to help our partners dominate the local search market, we are only able to team up with one business in each niche market.

Only one business can dominate. Its against both of our interests to work with competing firms.

Seach Engine Marketing | SEM and SEO for Central Valley Businesses

While we are implementing the four pillars, there will be a delay on the organic ranking of a business’ website.

Organic implementation will take some time to feel the effects of being ranked by Google’s algorithms. That’s the name of the game and the nature of the beast. It is not instant, but its affects are long-lasting. Over the long term, organic ranking is much more effective in terms of ROI and delivering leads to a business.


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