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If you’ve found our website and come across Neovora, it’s not by accident. Small and medium-sized business owners come to our website looking to work with a trusted marketing company to leverage the internet for their business’ growth.

What we do is implement advanced search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) tactics for our small and medium sized business partners across the United States. Most recently, we entered the local market in Portland OR seeking to be its top search engine marketing agency.

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We are among the best SEO companies who help entrepreneurs that are looking for short, medium, and long-term growth. We are a team of experienced business owners and marketers who know what local businesses need to do to beat out their competition. Beating out competitors in lead generation is the key to growth.

Most likely you’re here and reading this because you feel that your business has a lot to gain from SEM and SEO marketing. Whether you have no internet presence, or you feel that yours can be improved, you must be certain that there is still room for growth. We agree; there is always room for growth! And you are headed into gold country by looking for local SEO advertising services.

We agree with all the major media outlets, Google, and the continuing trend of technological adoption, in saying that the internet is here to stay. Not only that, but the internet is providing local entrepreneurs and business owners with the most effective and powerful way to connect with their target prospects.

Being among the best marketing companies in the Willamette Valley with decades of combined business, internet, and marketing experience, we understand that local business owners are just don’t have enough time, material, or know-how to leverage the internet to their benefit. This is where we come in to improve search engine ranking for businesses across the USA.

Neovora is a state of the art digital marketing company that implements a proven and tested search engine optimization strategy for local search engines around the USA. We are excited to be working with small and medium sized businesses in Portland Oregon to further their growth objectives.

Digital Marketing Agency | SEO and SEM in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties

So what is digital marketing and how does search engine optimization (SEO) work? SEO is the practice of boosting a website in the search engine results pages, helping it to reach the top of page one for all local searches and to better stand out among competitors.

SEO is what we use to help our partner clients grow their Portland Metro Area business. These strategies lead to dynamic and powerful lead generation via the most powerful marketing channel. What search engine optimization does is take an existing site and optimize it so that it will be identified by Google as the most relevant page for all local market target keywords.

What this means is that we can take a website and signal Google and other search engines so that this particular webpage will be predominately shown on the front page for all relevant keywords.

When you're new to a city, who do you ask for where the good places are? GOOGLE!

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Imagine someone searching for a new dentist in Beaverton. This person is new to town and doesn’t have anyone to ask for a referral to a dentist. What do they do? Most likely they will browse the internet for some keywords that will help lead to a dental office in PDX. This prospect might search one of these more popular keywords:

  • children’s dentist
  • dental office
  • dentist near me
  • veneers 
  • tooth extraction
  • wisdom teeth removal
  • teeth whitening 
  • family dentistry 

Now, as a prospect seeking a solution to this tooth problem, how would they feel if they searched all of these terms and saw the same dental office among the top results for each of these searches? They’d recognize that brand name as being a leader in the industry. They’d instantly subconsciously decide that to investigate and learn more about this brand.

Search Engine Marketing | Gresham and Troutdale SEM

This is what search engine optimization does; ranks a website among the top search results for relevant keywords. Local SEO takes this to the next level, and matches small and medium sized businesses to local prospects’ needs. This process takes a few months to be effective. Ranking a website on search engines is not instantaneous.

There is a kind of authentication lag that passes through the internet databases. It’s natural. Because we like to offer immediate solutions to our clients, we do have systems in place to get our new partners traffic right away. While the site is developed and ranked, the business is generating immediate prospects and revenue from lead generation.

Marketing Strategy and Website Development | Neovora SEO Experts

The best kind of internet marketing strategy includes elements of paid advertising (PPC and SEM) and focuses on organic traffic. This constitutes a broad base for a website because it targets all prospects that are both actively and passively seeking a business’ products, and at different stages of their buying process.

While SEO and SEM are integral parts of generating leads for a business, they’re both equally important. Both channels, whether paid or organic, need to feed into the business’ website. Let’s talk about this for a minute.

Many Greater Portland Area business owners think that simply placing a template on their domain and putting up text will work in converting prospects to clients. It won’t. What business owners need is a fully-optimized website with complete on-page SEO implementation. A website that converts at a high rate needs many components:

• Content needs to be written with prospects’ needs in mind.
• All pages need to have thoughtfully-planned and written content.
• Pages must call attention and draw prospects in to spend several minutes, consuming text, image, and video content.
• A layout that draws the eye in a systematic way through the page to the call to action section.

Local SEO and Lead Generation in the Pacific Northwest

The deeper we dig into on page optimization, the more results are produced by leveraging the most powerful marketing channel! Because we believe in self-education, we have created a video blog series that outlines the essential pillars of search engine optimization.

Business owners locally and around the USA can implement these types of strategies. All it takes is a tech-savvy team member and some studying! The blog can give some good insights and point a business in the right direction. Each pillar represents a different video blog in our SEO Expert video series, and they are:

• On Page SEO
• Off Page SEO
• Indexing
• Social Media

Lets dig deeper into some of the components of these pillars.

On Page SEO & Website Design

These are the types of things that a webpage must have to convert at a high level. Furthermore, there are dozens of steps that must be implemented on each page so that a webpage will be placed on the first page of Google. Without optimizing for these steps, businesses will not be identified by Google as a provider of quality content.

This essentially means that Google won’t select a non-optimized website for placement on the top of the search rankings. This is the worst case scenario!

Some of the considerations are:

  • Implementing Schema Markup and NAP across site-wide HTML
  • Optimizing Google Webmaster Tools
  • Perfecting page titles, meta descriptions, H1 tags, H2 tags, and keyword strategies
  • Geotagging images and video
  • Implementing YouTube video silos
  • Publishing quality content of a certain length
  • Compelling web design

For more information about On Page SEO Tips and Tutorials, visit our video blog series!

Off Page SEO

The forefounders of cinematography would have never dreamed this would lead to a YouTube generation!

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Off Page SEO is perhaps the trickiest component to search engine optimization and digital marketing. This includes all of the credibility, trustworthiness, and reputability a website holds. These traits are desirable to have within a domain because the site will be identified by Google as one that can provide internet prospects with quality.

Remember, Google is an intermediary between prospects and service providers. It’s purpose is to correctly match a buyer’s need with a website that can adequately provide the prospect with information. The way in which Google identifies which websites are trustworthy and reliable are those that have many referring internet domains.

A referring internet domain simply means a backlink. A backlink is when one domain sends a hyperlink to another. Its quite simple and acts exactly like a referral, a citation. Imagine how many people link to Wikipedia every day! Its one of the most reputable websites on the internet!

Off page entails acquiring quality backlinks from quality sources. Off page SEO entails correcting the reputation across the web and standardizing all directory content. Having a consistent and strong backlink production schedule is mandatory.

Index Ability | SEO Optimization Tips

Sure, on-page and off-page SEO components are crucial to ranking, but so is indexing! Having a perfect index ability means that a business is signaling Google and telling them that the site is laid out in just the exact way they prefer. Doing this reaps huge rewards, as most competition is not implementing this step.

Having a index-able site means a few things. First, it means that a site is fluid in the way the pages are inter-connected and linked together. A website must have fluidity to send the indexing spiders throughout the pages. Also, this indexing that is done in the foundation of the site provides Google with the insight as to exactly what it is that the website is about.

This allows Google to categorize each and every page of the site and allow them to be ranked according to the target keywords that have been identified. This is the underlying power of SEO.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

With all this new power developing from On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, and Indexing, entrepreneurs are now free to reap the benefits of their endeavors. This translates into communicating directly with their prospects. A strategic social media marketing campaign is an optimal way to communicate the business’ philosophy, display business experience, highlight client testimonials, and provide rich media content for prospects to consume.

Social media outlets like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are the social media sites that most commonly appear on page one of Google for target keywords. This is in addition to the domain! What does this mean?

It means that when a prospect browses page one of the search results for their need, they will find our clients’ website alongside their Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. All of these properties can be found together on the first page of Google. It’s complete local domination.

Video Marketing and Email Marketing Experts

With video marketing and email marketing, businesses are finding it easier than ever to speak directly to clients. Video marketing is incredibly powerful for all on-page SEO aspects, social media marketing, and for building a powerful, engaging, content-filled website.

Email marketing is ideal for communicating with prospects who are passively seeking a product or service. Also for developing trust and a relationship in those niche markets that are dependent on relationship building. Email marketing tools have dramatically improved the way in which entrepreneurs can pitch products, services, and upgrades.

This does not mean go out and buy bulk email list and marketing services, but rather to build your own! This is possible from a steady flow of traffic that will be circulating the business’ website.


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