Your Local Market Competition | Neovora

How can I compete with a corporation investing millions of dollars in new locations, marketing, and promotions? You can’t – if this is your line of thinking. You will never raise the kind of money and build the kind of teams they have. But you really don’t need to do that.

Large corporations think globally. They plan out new locations in Los Angeles, Calcutta, and Paris all at the same time and from the same template. You are focused on serving your local community from your local business. There’s nothing wrong about thinking and acting at a smaller scale. In fact, this is the secret that will ensure your success. The more focused you are on the particularities of your market, the better the chances to keep your clients.

People love to feel individualized, addressed on a personal level, and not thrown in together with everyone else.

You may not have the huge variety of products and services as a much larger competitor, but you know the real needs of your community. And it is the experience of how you treat your clients that keeps them coming back again and again. Everyone knows local businesses mean local jobs. So if more and more local businesses close their doors forever, then more people will be out of a job.

Neovora supports local retail businesses by empowering them with top target marketing strategies. Your business is important and it needs the right leverage to continue being successful against all the larger competitors. Your clients may be tempted to go to these businesses, but they will never experience the personal touch which you put in serving your community. So, instead of trying to raise a bigger budget or giving a larger discount, focus on what you can do and the larger competitors simply cannot compete.

Targeting is the power of saying the right thing to the right person. Learn how to use targeting to beat the competition.