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This is the third post in a series of blog posts for our Albany SEO Company expert series. This blog series is about digital marketing and the implications it can have on local businesses in New York. Neovora is leader among Local SEO Companies.

local seo is much different than regular SEOLocal SEO is different than general search engine optimization, and can be the most powerful tool for a local entrepreneur to utilize. This strategy allows a business in Albany NY to completely dominate the local search engine results for particularly competitive keywords that describe your profession, service, or industry.

Using digital marketing for the local niche and market is the number one lead generation strategy today. This is because more as prospects learn the ease of access and utility of internet searching, they are utilizing their mobile devices, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets to search for answers to their problems. Apart from nation retail outlets like Amazon, your prospects still need to find local solutions.

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation with Local SEO and Neovora

All kinds of local home services, professional services, health and beauty services, and home goods are thriving through use of internet marketing and local search engine marketing. There will never be a solution to these industries that is provided by a service provider outside of your local area.

Lets go over some of the more important aspects of local SEO.

Citations and directory listings are crucial to local search engine optimization. Citations and directories are those websites that act as an online directory, like the old yellow pages. These help your website become credible and verify you’re an actual business in the search engine’s eye.

Its important to sign up for as many directories as you can. There are always local county and state wide directories in addition to industry and niche specific directories.

Local SEO Tips and Tricks | Neovora Search Engine Optimization

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NAP is Name, Address, Phone. For local SEO to properly work, you need to identify all the locations you have your NAP and get it unified across all outlets. This is often overlooked, as many different existing sites can have incorrect information.

You need to have one single NAP out there on the interwebs. This causes much strife for businesses wondering why their rankings are suffering.

Geotags have been covered in other blog posts by us, so we’ll go over these quickly. Geotags are a special kind of tag on a photo that marks it with a precise geographic location. This latitude and longitudinal code is interpreted by search engine algorithms every time your page is updated.

When the algorithm identifies your site has a geotag, it makes that particular page more relevant to local SEO purposes. You want to identify your internal webpages as pages that are extremely relevant to your local area. This will dramatically boost rankings for your target keywords.

Market research helps to understand the local competition, thorough and in-depth market research is necessary. You must understand everything about your local competitors. Namely, you must understand their internet marketing strategy.

You will have to replicate their links, get on the same directories (and then some), use social media more effectively than them, and all out beat them to the punch.

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By implementing these strategies, you will be able to master local SEO. This means turning up first for all of the keywords you want to be known for. This produces huge increase in client acquisition, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization from prospect to client.

If you’re interested on starting along this path to optimizing your local SEO, check out Udemy. They have a great course on search engine optimization and especially local SEO.

We can’t stress enough how important these strategies are. As a top SEO Agency, we understand these things and help our partners reach the first page. Over time, our partners experience more internet led growth than their competitors and their digital marketing strategy turns into the number one lead generation channel.

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