Marketing For Local Businesses

Globalization can have a severely negative impact on our local markets. Giant corporations open their new locations within our communities with low prices and outsourced labor, leaving the smaller local businesses to fight for their lives in a painfully unfair battle. Statistics show that wherever a large company opens a new location, about 25 to 32 percent of local businesses are forced to close their doors forever.

best SEO marketing services agencySo, how can you keep your business successful and growing while fighting to keep all your clients from rushing to the larger companies?

Implementing a killer, automated lead generation strategy for 2018 is one of the best ways to leverage 67% of your marketing power with very little effort!

Fight them with personalized marketing efforts that are meaningful, targeted and efficient. You know the needs of your local community. And this is where your strength lies: you know your community, its needs and its people. Do something the giant corporations can’t…communicate with your prospects and clients about their needs, their fears, and their desires. Being a resource to help them grow in their own lives will become far more valuable than saving a few bucks here or there.

Neovora supports your efforts by adding technology know-how to your arsenal. With our innovative marketing strategies and tools, you can develop your unique, 100% laser focused and targeted campaigns that have meaning and add that personal touch that larger companies sorely lack. We help you address your clients needs in a manner that makes your clients feel individualized – that you completely understand their needs and truly want to help them. By showing them that you care, you add extra value to your products and services and gain leverage in your battle against the faceless, price-cutting corporations.

One of the first things we will do with every client is analyze your current website and local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. All local business can benefit from a comprehensive lead generation campaign and in today’s environment, this begins with your website and SEO. Have you optimized correctly? How are you linking to gain Domain Authority using your social accounts? Are you using Schema Markup language on your website? Are you ranking for dozens of keywords? Have you managed to use “Parasite Sites” to rank on the first page of Google/Bing/Yahoo for your main keywords? There are many very inexpensive tactics that you can deploy that can literally have a dramatic affect in less than one weeks time. We’ll show you the way!


How Well Are You Competing Against Your Local Competition?

We’d like to provide your company a free Website Analysis which is comprised of a mix of the best SEO tools in the industry.

This report will provide you with an in-depth analysis regarding how you are currently leveraging your website as a customer acquisition tool and provide you with a blueprint of what to do in order to better harness the power of the internet.

This analysis, normally costing clients $149, will provide you a step-by-step outline to enhance, or perfect, your lead generation and customer acquisition campaigns.

Simply enter in your URL, wait about 30 seconds, and your report will be ready to go.

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Increase Client Retention

The best solutions in the world are simple and straightforward. That is why we designed a solution that analyzes your customer data and filters it down to exactly what your team needs to take action: reports and notifications.

Predictive marketing is a combination of precise science and human insight. At Neovora, we have applied our insight and expertise into building a reliable and powerful solution that processes your client data and provides ordered charts detailing various critical information and action items, such as:

  • The typical behavior for any and all client groups;

  • The exact moments when your marketing efforts yield the highest results;

  • Exactly when you must act to prevent client defection;

  • Tracking and reporting on the results of your marketing campaigns;

  • The best strategies to maximize client retention and overall client profitability.

You simply provide us a gateway to the data, and we feed it into our secure, proprietary software. We then provide you with action-oriented steps that outline exactly what you need to do to significantly improve retention and dramatically improve your bottom line.

You have full access to a customized reporting system within our secure clients’ area, giving you the ability to drill into any area of your business to gain a further insight. However, you don’t have to become an expert in Business Intelligence, nor do you need to have a brilliant team of programming experts to implement our solution. Simply login and review… we do everything else for you. We send you the alerts with the exact action items.

Each separate report comes with very specific graphical charts that are accompanied by straightforward explanations, detailing the important elements that require your attention. This enables you to keep a close watch on the dynamics of your client base.

These reports and action alerts will drive you to make the right decisions to both increase retention and increase overall profitability. In short, you will now have the ability to send the right message to the right client at the right time.

Neovora is committed to your marketing, client retention, and profit improvement efforts. By delivering clear reports and alerts, all of the client data that’s been sitting within your database becomes a goldmine of actionable information that will immediately increase your bottom line.