Local SEO for Businesses Looking to Dominate Their Market

Neovora specializes in assisting business with their Local SEO initiatives; in fact, our company objective is local market domination for each client we work with within each geographic/city/neighborhood area.

We will only work with one client per area, per niche specialty. To be clear, it would be both impossible as well as disingenuous for us to take on more than one client per area that specializes in the same thing, as we could never ensure total market domination for 2 companies. We only take on clients that want to dominate their area and are prepared to grow their businesses.

There are over 1 trillion searches performed each year…
over 3.5 billion searches per month.

If your business doesn’t have a comprehensive attack plan to take advantage of this traffic, we will walk you through an exact strategy to enable your business to dominate your local market.

So, if you are a Business Lawyer, CPA, or Custom Kitchen Remodeling Company, we focus on ensuring that you dominate the SERPs for all of the major search terms. We don’t just help you get your main website ranked on the first page of the 3 major search engines; we build our strategy to rank multiple properties on the first page of the search engines.

We first work with all of our clients to execute some basic tactics that will create a tremendous immediate impact. Tactics like incorporating Structured Data and Rich Snippets, as well as optimizing your individual Yelp Profile. We then conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis and outline a clear strategy to take over the first page of Google, then Yahoo and Bing.

We get our clients into the 3 Pack (the old Google Maps section of the first page of the search results).

This area attracts a huge amount of clicks, but not as much as the Organic Listings… which comes next. We optimize your Google My Business and Google+ pages, as Google rewards websites that leverage these properties.

We will show you the exact linking structure for each of your social properties, i.e. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. We will outline how they link together, and how they create a syndication process of all of your content in a way that Google loves and rewards.

By the time we have finished our initial 2 phases, your company will rank 2-3 different properties on the 1st page of Google for your primary keywords. And we’re just getting started.

We then start a comprehensive initiative with Web 2.0 properties, and Local Citations. We will show you exactly how you can get many of these Web 2.0 sites to rank for your primary keywords, right alongside your main website.

When a company is looking for Local SEO Services, or for the absolute best local SEO Company, Neovora is the company that is referred and sought out most often. Why? We develop a very specific strategy to dominate a market, and we know how to get results.