Marketing In The Palm Of Your Hand

mobileIf you haven’t been aware of the explosive growth of mobile search, then let us update you on some surprising statistics:

bullet-2 Over 6.8 billion people are using mobile phones…roughly 87% of the population of earth.
bullet-2 80% of people who use the internet own smartphones.
bullet-2 57% of Americans use smartphones, and 35% of the adults also use a tablet.
bullet-2 Over 65% of the searches made on are made from a mobile device.
bullet-2 53% of searches made from mobile devices are for local products and services.
bullet-2 71% of people who perform mobile searches take action within an hour, versus a week for desktop.
bullet-2 74% of mobile internet users say they click off of a mobile site if they have to wait 5 or more seconds for a webpage to load.
bullet-2 1 out of every 3 local mobile searches occur right before the user visits a store.

There are many MANY more statistics that all point to one thing: in order to dominate the local market, your website must be usable in a mobile device, and your message compelling enough to get them to take action.

Unlike a desktop site, mobile websites should be designed for one thing: give the visitor exactly what they are looking for fast, without a lot of clicking or load time. Keep the content brief and valuable and  targeted to the user on the move.

The mobile website should have at least the following critical elements:

bullet-2 Button navigation large enough to be touched with a thumb, and far enough apart so the user doesn’t mis-click 2 buttons at once;

bullet-2 A visible “Click to Call” button that dials directly to the business;

bullet-2 An easily accessible map or GPS coordinates to help guide the visitor to your place of business;

bullet-2 Few images, unless on a gallery page, to reduce load time;

bullet-2 Restaurants need menus on their mobile site;

bullet-2 Contact Us form needs to be easy to find and use;

bullet-2 Shallow navigation, meaning all pages should be no more than 2 levels deep;

bullet-2 Clear navigation to the business’ social media and review sites so customers can easily leave ratings and reviews.

And before you run off and have your site redesigned as a “Responsive Site,” view a responsive site in your mobile device. Responsive does not mean mobile-friendly NOR does it mean it is easy to navigate on a smartphone. Plan your mobile marketing strategy careful, and if you can, employ a marketing expert to guide you through the different options available to you.