Social Media Marketing and Social Stacking Strategies
to Dominate Local Markets

Local businesses have a great opportunity to leverage Social Media and to deploy a social media marketing strategy that literally enables them to begin dominating their local market.

Google has determined that if a local company is not using social media, that it will not receive preference in the search engine results. Their rationale is actually pretty straight forward… if a company is getting reviews, getting Facebook Likes, getting tweeted about, and getting Pinned (Pinterest), then the local business is obviously a business that is preferred by the local community. Google, being the largest advertising company in the world gets to maintain their lofty position as the search giant, as long as they continue to deliver the most appropriate and best search results to people like you and I when we search with their search engine.

It’s actually pretty simple and straight forward.

However, engaging in social media marketing and maintaining all of these social accounts takes time and a clearly outlined plan that is fully integrated with your overall Local SEO strategy. This is where Neovora comes in.

We are more than a social media agency; Neovora helps your company build a comprehensive social media marketing plan that integrates into your overall lead generation strategy. We help you plan out your content in such a way that via syndication, your business is able to leverage this content via multiple properties. Google loves and rewards this.

Is your company currently using one of the most powerful social media stacking strategies?

How are you leveraging your Google My Business and Google+ accounts? Do you realize that YouTube, being a Google owned business, receives special recognition and can be used in your overall business strategy in powerful manner that no one in your local market is using?

What about Twitter? Do you tweet? I tell you, too many things to do. But, what if I told you that you could fully automate your Facebook posts to your Twitter account and that you can link your twitter tweets to one of your Web 2.0 accounts to magnify the link power of each and every post. Social Stacking is one of the most powerful business strategies you can employ, and trust us when we say this; no one in your local market knows how to deploy this strategy properly.

All of Neovora’s clients use Social Media as a cornerstone of their lead generation and customer acquisition strategy. Before they were clients of Neovora, they all pretty much said the same thing… it’s a pain to keep up with. Once they understood how to make this a simple and nearly fully automated, as well as the major impact it makes in ranking their main keyword phrases within the search engine results, they were converts.


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