Website Design Strategies to Win the Search Engine Keyword Rankings War

web-design-smallWebsite development in today’s local business environment is not what it used to be. A company used to be able to create a website with a few pages, write content that simply outlined the type of products and or services they provided, and call it a day.

Those days are long gone. Especially if your company has any intention of ranking in the search engines for competitive local SEO keywords that drive highly qualified prospects that are actively searching for the exact type of product or service you sell.

Furthermore, if you are not taking advantage of the nearly 1 Trillion web searches a year, or over 3.5 billion searches per month, then your company will clearly have to pay much more with all of its customer acquisition initiatives. Local search is where your company can gain a tremendous competitive advantage, but only if your company’s website design takes into consideration overall best practices.

When building a website today, you need to consider silos, inter-page linking, authority outbound links, embedding your YouTube videos, on-page website optimization, and, in fact, much more.

However, building a website doesn’t have to turn into a chore, especially if you follow a proven blueprint. We walk every one of our clients through how to build a website to ensure that it is both search engine friendly, but also achieves all of your strategic business objectives.

Google has changed many rules over the past couple of years. From forcing companies to have a Mobile Friendly website (Google’s April 21st, 2015 announcement), to the way they are heavily weighting Social Media, a company must build their website in such a way these days to even have an opportunity to play the game… or be left sitting on the sidelines watching. In fact, our page on Mobile Marketing will walk you through the massive importance of a mobile strategy, as Google has determined that over 50% of all traffic is coming from Smart phones.


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