Today Neovora is bringing some info about a crucial component to On Page SEO tactics. We are covering the actual words and content on the pages you are building, whether they be for ranking or simply adding layers to your site.

We have been working with a Dentist client in Fresno, CA who was looking for a Fresno SEO Expert company to not only assist them with their rankings, but to gain a better overall understanding of tactics that they could engage on a daily basis to assist in the overall SEO Initiative. This client is the genesis of this post and a snippet of the guidance we provided to them.

keyword strategy

Differentiating between these two types of the most valuable keyword strategies is important for how you will plan  your content for these pages. The rest of this article will assume you have a basic understanding of  keyword research and know how to identify the right types of keywords for your product/niche/audience.

Now, you might have heard these two different terms that float around on SEO forums.

  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing)


These are the types of phrases that take your main keywords, such as “Home for sale Dallas” or  “roofing dallas” and make them longer by adding more specific words, or “modifiers” to them. For example:

creating long tail keywods out of base keywords

Creating LSI keywords out of base roofing keyword

You can see in the above examples that the long-tail keywords add on specific details to their search term. ‘2 bedrooms,’ ‘with pool,’ ‘auction’ all illustrate what type of home for sale they are looking for, allowing you to narrow into their exact needs.

Now, when these long-tail keywords are used by the searcher, this gives us information about their readiness to buy. In the case of roofing, the searcher is looking to contract with a roofer. They have likely done initial searches that show interest in education like ‘benefits of roofing dallas,’ and ‘how much does a roof cost.’ But in this case above, they are at the stage to buy a new roof for their house. They are now looking for the best deal in the Dallas area.

Catching them in their detailed searches at their final stage of searching can be highly valuable to your keyword strategy.

LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Keywords are essentially synonyms to your main keyword. Without going into too much depth of algorithms and Google-lingo, let’s leave it at that, or you could check out some more technical blogs that explain what LSI means in depth here and here.

For our purposes, I’ll let you know that adding LSI to your page will make it less redundant, make it easier for your content write to crank out valuable content, and improve your visibility to online search engines! The trifecta of SEO!

Now let’s see how not implementing LSI onto a page looks: (repetitive and without the benefit of gaining extra search volume traffic).

what your paragraph looks like without using LSI keywords

And now using LSI keywords on a page:

Paragraph is more readable when using LSI keywords

Remember, using the most voluminous keyword over and over will not bring extra traffic. Once per page is enough! This method reduces redundancy, reduces redundancy, and brings more traffic by way of adding more keywords to the page. The page sounds less forced and more organic, like a real person wrote the article without the intention of ranking! Exactly what search engines are looking for!

So do that keyword research and identify long-tail keywords and LSI keywords for your page. Our free website analysis will give you deeper insight into your on page keyword strategy. Its free!!