Digital Solutions for
Local Business

Neovora provides digital products and services to local businesses who want to beat their competition and grow their revenue. The two most effective ways for us to grow a business is to first, deliver prospects and then, to help convert those prospects into long-term clients.

Client Acquisition – Bring in new prospects

Without interested prospects, how can a business grow? The competition for local prospects is fierce and without expertise, can be a huge waste of time and money. Google search, Facebook and other digital marketing strategies provide the best short-term and long-term results.

Paid Advertising

Competition For Local Leads Is Fierce.

The answer is not to throw money at it.

Results-based strategies provide the best return on investment and can increase or decrease based on any budget.



Search Engine Optimization and web design are the most essential way to get a business in front of local prospects when they search the web for specific products and services. Good SEO makes sure that a website appears on page one for all the most relevant searches.

Google Maps

Google My Business selects only the most highly-optimized businesses for their maps listings. These 3 businesses are displayed near the very top of the local search results, and help to send prospects to your website, your location, and to your phones.

Social Media

Actively engaging your local prospects on social media is a sure way to develop engagement and nurture clients. A business without social media might as well not exist, since the majority of your interested prospects are using the web to learn more about solutions.


Prospects may find a business and speak with them briefly, yet never to make the purchase. Instead they buy elsewhere.

Converting these these prospects to clients, and keeping them far from local competitor’s reach is equally important.

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