Email Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

When we talk to many new clients about their current email marketing strategy, we get that… sort of… deer in the headlights look. Not that they don’t know what email marketing is, of course they do. But they are thrown off by the word strategy associated with email marketing, and they are concerned with the answer that we are expecting to hear.

Now, to be clear, 99% of local businesses have zero email marketing strategy. An email campaign consists of “Hey Mike, did you send out the end of year promo email to everyone?” Or, occasionally a local business with send out an email blast announcing a new product or service… or on the more sophisticated side, to announce a new blog post that was just written.

Statistics are statistics:

Local businesses are not leveraging the power of email marketing. Period.

That needs to change. Immediately.

Especially if your company truly has a desire to dominate within your local market, which is exactly what Neovora specializes in. We work with local businesses all across the US, only one client per niche area, per city, and we focus our efforts in achieving total market domination for our client. We never work with 2 clients in the same market, as we would not be able to maintain our own internal objectives.

One of the first things we do with each new client is to define a comprehensive email marketing strategy that accomplishes the following:

  • Nurtures all new prospects – teaching them more about your company and the products or services it offers. It generally takes up to 7 “touches” for a new prospect to move forward to a buying decision. Email is a huge tool used to accomplish these touches;

  • We create a funnel with multiple calls-to-action to bring these new prospects both the awareness they need, but also the sense of urgency that will give them the prospect the results they desire;

  • We help our clients create a segmentation process so a very different set of messages will be delivered to very different clients. As you well know, all of your clients are not created equal. Like most businesses on the planet, 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients, yet most Local Businesses communicate the exact same message to every one of their clients. This is a massive strategic error. We teach you exactly how to segment, and furthermore, how to score your clients to ensure that you communicate the correct message to the correct client at the correct time. You’ll learn more about this on the CLV page.

  • We help you create an extremely strategic email marketing campaign that gets your local company reviews, referrals, and testimonials. Look, if you don’t have an ongoing stream of reviews, you are simply unable to leverage many of the fantastic opportunities that Google, Bing and Yahoo have given you. And, to be clear, most local businesses don’t. Furthermore, without a passive and active referral system working in the background for your company, you’re not leveraging your client base in a way that they are more than willing to be leveraged.

We walk you through very simple tactics that you can deploy right now that will have a tremendous impact on your business, immediately. By combining email marketing best practices, with simple to use email marketing software, we will outline a strategy that is both easy yet massively powerful for your company.