Social Media Strategies to Dominate Local Markets

Use social media to nurture clients and bring in prospects

Social Media is more than user engagement

Google has determined that if a local company is not using social media, that it will not receive preference in the search engine results. If a company is getting Google reviews, Facebook Likes, Tweets, and Instagram likes and shares, then the local business is a business that is preferred by the local community. These businesses active on social media are the ones that Google selects to show to local prospects using Google search.

Develop social media presence for easy growth

Engaging in social media marketing and maintaining all of these social accounts takes time and energy. You need a comprehensive social media marketing plan that integrates into your overall lead generation strategy. Planning your content in such a way that your business is able to leverage this content across multiple properties is key. Google loves and rewards this.

We encourage all our clients to use social media as a main focus in their lead generation and customer acquisition strategy. It’s a pain to keep up with, but we can help make it all nearly fully automated. This results in a major impact on ranking your main keyword phrases within the search engine results.

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