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You’ve read our previous blog post on converting visitors, right? No? Ok, go back and read those. If you aren’t up to date on the Fresno SEO Company Expert series, go back and start over! This post is on the wonders of email marketing and social media marketing.

Last post we talked about utilizing your site as a tool to get your prospects to raise their hand and signal that they are interested in your services. This post will discuss bringing them from a potential client to actually being a client that pays you money! If you’re looking for Search Engine Optimization in town, we are the premier agency for your needs!

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So now that a prospect has rung your bell and begins consuming your content: blog posts, free evaluation, consultations, a demo, whatever it may be, you want to convince them that you are the right selection.

This can sometimes be completely immediate, meaning that the prospect buys your goods right away without needing this nurturing process. Other times, they may forever stay in this stage, never finally deciding on who or what to spend their money on.

Lets assume that all clients will need just a little bit of nurturing. This is where and when email marketing and social media marketing strategies come into play. Businesses that know marketing will set up some kind of workflow and system to send these potential clients emails from time to time. Each email will be sequential, and will signal a differing message then the previous.

This helps move clients along the buying cycle. You are able to increase their interest as time goes on, convince them of your services or products, or present other offerings to them.

SEO Expert Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Through social media marketing you can do a wonderful job of showing:

  • Buyer testimonials
  • High quality image and video presentations
  • Contests and Competitions

Close the gap between your top competitorsThese strategies are popular because they make great website content and offerings for prospects to follow your social properties. By following your company on social media, they will be constantly reminded of what you offer and why they are in need.

Year after year, the amount of time that Americans are spending on social media networks is increasing. Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, and other media based social media outlets are ideal for businesses looking to leverage their assets on the web!

Using these outlets to close leads is the best method to refrain from deterring these prospects who are still on the fence. Sometimes they need to build trust before committing, perhaps they don’t need your services that bad.

For this stage to work correctly, your website and all funnels need to drive targets from the top of the funnel to the final stage, the purchase. The funnel should be uninterrupted and clear. The road to purchase must be simple!

You can also take the initiative yourself! Read more on the subject here. Hiring a marketer into your internal staff is always a good idea if you’re looking to add the extra staffing costs and accrue the liability of an extra employee.

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Neovora is the type of SEO Agency that can set up this funnel and can optimize the content of your website. Our rates are fractional of what you would pay an internal employee and we are a full team of experts that know local search engine marketing concepts from A to Z.

For this reason, we like to offer a free analysis of your site! The audit will show what your site is doing well and what is missing from your on page and off page profile!