Outbound Linking Tips For SEO Round Rock

Today, for our On-Page post, we are going to cover how outbound linking can boost your page rankings. If you use private blog networks, you are likely opposed to outbound linking. This past year, we’ve been perfecting our strategies that use outbound linking to diversify our page profile.

A part of our business consists of a Search Engine Optimization Firm in Round Rock, and this agency has found that this is an issue of outbound linking is very much misunderstood, so we want to take some time to clarify it.

Consider The SEO Round Rock Expert

So let’s think about it, linking to other sites can give your site a lot of authority. All through academia, you are supposed to cite sources. Wikipedia must use citations. Well thought out and researched articles across the internet will list their sources. This usage of citations is recognized by Google, and will help your page authority and page rankings!

Harsh Agarwal had a recent post on Shout Me Loud discussing this very topic. We’ll use their site to better explain what outbound links are.

What are outbound links?

Outbound links are links that point to some other domain from your site.When you link out to related domains, it not only helps the search engine to understand your niche, but also helps to increase the trust and quality of your site which plays a vital role in your blog’s SEO.

Outbound links:

  • Give search engines a clear idea about your blog because of relevant links.
  • Offer the best way to be in touch/build relation with bloggers having same niche. (read more here…)

As you can see he mentions that outbound links can help develop relationships with other blogs. We will only mention the way that outbound linking can help the theming of your page. In the context of this page, all of the outbound links are pointing to SEO blogs and other SEO websites.

Also recently, Jonathan Hochman, posted an article that discusses the added benefits of external links.

Outbound Links Affect Your Reputation

If your site links to garbage, people will think your site is garbage too. That’s why link farms and reciprocal link schemes are such a bad idea. Sites that link to poor resources show the world that they don’t care what they say or recommend. They’ll do anything to get attention, including keyword spam and link spam. No wonder Google and the other search engines remove or down rank such sites.

By linking to quality resources that help your visitors, you can improve your reputation with users and search engines. That ultimately leads to more inbound links, and higher response rates. With good information and a nice selection of external links, visitors may even bookmark your site and use it as a jumping off point. Human readers like information that is corroborated by other sources, so go ahead and link to references. A well referenced page or article makes your site more authoritative. (see more on his page…)

Why Theming Matters For Round Rock SEO Services

When Google comes in to crawl our page, they are reading the headline, page title, and identifying all the outbound links. This then allows for the spider to place your site in a bucket, a niche, a topic. Ideally, you are writing each blog or page, whether it be for a money site, a blog post, or anything else for ONE SINGLE TOPIC.

Unless you’re a steam-of-consciousness writer like David Foster Wallace, there is no reason this is the case. Your pages need to be THEMED, and outbound linking helps this.

Relevant Material for SEO in Round Rock Texas

Talking about used cars and linking to Ford.com or kelleybluebook.com is ideal. This reference source is topical, authoritative, and high quality. All things that factor into the ranking and trust of your page!

Imagine a web of sites that are all connected via webs, which is what the spider is crawling constantly. If these webs are within niche topics, the spider is happy. It gets confused and lost when niche topics are linked and passed onto random and non-correlated niche sites.

Anchor Text : Do’s and Don’ts

Now that you understand that outbound linking will boost your page and its relevance, what to use for anchor text?

Virtually anything is up for fair game, except one thing we want to steer you away from.

Lets say you have the following page:

Meta Title: Reputation Management: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

Meta Description: Reputation management can make or break your digital marketing strategy. Learn valuable digital marketing for your company.

So “Reputation management” is something that we are looking to score for on Google.

Outbounding links from your page to sites that are not yours should be as natural as possible. Use nofollow and dofollow links at your leisure, as any real site would have these kinds of structures.


Sending juice to another site is OK, natural. Something that top sites do all the time. You should do it also if you feel like it. However, NEVER send juice through a valuable keyword anchor text that you are using on YOUR PAGE.

Perhaps we are pointing to site a page that is Headlined: “Why Reputation Management Is Crucial for SMBs.” Under no circumstances can you send juice to this page using a key component that is used in your page name, title, headline, or description (in our example, Reputation Management)

The Google spider will take credit and value from your page and send it to the site you are referencing! You can link by using the following anchors instead:

  • Read more about it here
  • Author at BlogSite says that…

SEO For Round Rock Companies

Don’t lose your juice, and remember to credit other sites! Next time we may discuss how you can develop relationships with other relevant sites by sending them valuable links. If you’re wondering about your current linking profile, an audit is a good place to start. A free website analysis will give you insight as to whether or not your site has what it takes to tank among the top!

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