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Portland SEO Services provide care for local companies and offer a rather mandatory element of business for those that wish to become – or remain – successful.

With the dynamic growth within the entire Portland Metropolitan area, businesses have had to become savvier as well as more resourceful, recognizing that Search Engine Optimization is a core requirement in order to reach the local community with any type of product or service offering.

However, with all of the growth and subsequent competition, what should a business do if they want to remain competitive?

Search has changed business as we know it, this page outlines exactly what you need to do when developing your businesses customer acquisition initiatives.

Portland SEO Services– How the Landscape Has Changed

As a Portland SEO Agency, we recognize that businesses need to remain on the cutting edge in all forms of customer acquisition. Adding new clients to your business on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis is the lifeblood of every business, but becomes challenging when a clearly defined strategy is not outlined or executed.

Portland SEO Company

Portland SEO Company

Portland SEO Services and Expertise

Like anything, with increased competition, those businesses who wish to remain competitive need to become more innovative with their lead generation initiatives… and reaching out to an Oregon Search Engine Optimization Company is a step that many Portland businesses are turning to. And for those not in the PDX metro area, we also have a Fresno SEO company office in California.

Search Marketing is interesting and challenging at the same time. The three large search engines dominate the landscape and they make all the rules (Google, Yahoo & Bing)… rules that seem to be changing on a daily basis.

We hear of Hummingbirds, Penguins, and Pandas and are left to wonder what critter is lurking around the corner to tank our search engine rankings next.

So, the best advice for any business… if you don’t have search engine specialists within your company, don’t try to go it alone… as the failure to adhere to the rules of one simple update could have a devastating effect on your business, and the growth you desire.

Considerations to Make Regarding Your Portland Oregon SEO Initiative

When reaching out to an SEO Company for assistance, there are a few things that you need to take in to consideration.

We’d like to take a few minutes here to outline some of the critical elements that you need to consider when choosing a company that you are going to have assist with your business growth initiatives.

We’ve put together what we feel are the 10 main questions you need to answer before hiring your next Portland SEO Company:

  1. SEO Expert status is not achieved overnight. If an SEO company is not ranking in the top 3 for several of their target keywords, what makes you think that they will be able to rank your website for your primary keywords? Rankings take time… how long has your prospective vendor been in the game? Listen, everyone wants you to believe that they understand everything there is to know about Search Engine Optimization, but believe it or not, there is only a fraction of those Oregon SEO Companies that truly have the skills and experience to achieve the goals that you are targeting. If they don’t rank at the top for search engines for their target keywords, you really should put this as a major weighting factor.
  2. Portland SEO Firm staff must have ongoing training in order to stay up to date with the constant changes taking place within the major search engines. Over the past 18 months there have been 11 major search engine updates. So be aware, if the company you choose to work with to drive more business to your bottom line is not keeping up to date, they can become more of a liability than an asset.
  3. Choosing an SEO Company in Portland Oregon requires some tough questions get answered. How do they conduct their keyword research? What is a super keyword? How do they get new pages indexed without using GWMT? What strategies do they deploy to ensure all of your social properties get “powered up?” There are literally about 2 dozen questions that we outline in our Search Engine Optimization Checklist that you should be asking any SEO Company that is lobbying to do work for you.
  4. Search Engine Optimization | Neovora Portland SEO ServicesSEO in Portland, like in most of the larger metropolitan areas, is extremely competitive. What is the SEO Firm you are considering going to do to ensure you are able to rank for your most competitive keywords? What is their Search Engine Optimization Strategy? What is their strategic advantage and how will this advantage be passed on to your business?
  5. SEO Marketing Portland businesses has become an ultra-competitive and often times combative process. How is the Local SEO Portland Consultant going to keep your company out of harm’s way when the competition resorts to dirty tactics? Have you heard of a negative Search campaign? It’s real. Does your prospective vendor have a concrete strategy to ward off these negative attacks?
  6. The Best Portland SEO Company is certain to begin their efforts with a proper and well strategized web design. A poorly-structured website is never going to allow the “search engine bots” to properly index your website. If your website is not properly indexed, your web pages will never rank for your target keywords. How is your prospective SEO Company going to structure your website? Do they have a silo structure that allows the “link juice” to flow to your primary target pages? How do they use “no-index” and “no-follow” tags to channel the link juice to your targeted keywords? These are some of the most important questions.
  7. All Portland SEO Services are not created equal. While paying $700 to one SEO Firm and paying $2,000 to another, it sometimes gets confusing. Who is providing more value? “Which SEO Agency is driving more traffic to my website?” Look, the final analysis is simple, who is deploying campaigns that create more customers and long-term clients. If one company is driving a ton of traffic to your website, yet none of this traffic is converting into new paying clients… this traffic is essentially worthless. Conversely, if another company is targeting prospects who are actively seeking your product or service, then guiding these prospects through a sales funnel that converts… this is the company that is bringing the value to your business. What is the funnel and conversion strategy of the companies you are interviewing to do the work for your company? You need the answer to this question!
  8. SEO Portland Oregon style, unlike work done in more rural parts of the US, requires a short, medium, and long-term strategy due to the intense competition. What low hanging fruit keywords can be targeted in the short term to begin driving traffic immediately to the site? What tactics will be leveraged to build on the mildly difficult search terms? How will these two initial phases ensure that your long-term goals are achieved and that you are able to rank for the most difficult and competitive terms within your market? Without a very clear strategy, the likelihood of achieving any of these goals is nearly zero. What is the plan of your proposed SEO Company?
  9. SEO Services in Portland is a zero-sum game. Yes, if you are getting the traffic, your competitors are not. If they are getting the traffic, you aren’t, and they are earning those new clients. Your potential clients. This means that you are losing revenue because your Search Marketing Strategy is inferior to theirs. There is no other way to put it. Is your strategy inferior or superior to your competitors?
  10. SEO Portland OR initiatives need to go big or stay home. Neovora dominates the markets we go into. If you are a client of ours in Portland, we are not merely looking to rank your website on the first page of Google. No way. We aim to dominate the first page of Google… with Web 2.0’s (Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress), your social properties (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), Google Properties (G+, YouTube, and Gravatar) and others. Listen, when it comes to local marketing, it is competitive and there is no such thing as leaving the door open for your competitor. You leave it open, they will kick it down and leave you wondering why your latest financial statement has your accountant crying. No way.

Now, in addition to standard on-page and off-page optimization, Agencies need to incorporate other marketing elements into their overall strategy, otherwise most initiatives have a tendency to fall flat.

Nothing exists in a vacuum any longer, and Search Engine Optimization in Portland is no exception.

Video Marketing Strategies with a Portland SEO Company

since 1907How is social media marketing being leveraged? Is Social Stacking being implemented? What about the execution of IFTTT recipes to syndicate your latest blog post or YouTube video?

Speaking of YouTube, what type of Video Marketing strategy is being executed? Are silos created within the playlists? Are you creating multiple channels? Are video embeds of the entire playlists being used on both your blog posts and target keyword pages?

What about email marketing? Does your strategy incorporate capturing email addresses to be followed up with on a routine basis? Marketing studies have proven for years that it takes, on average, at least 7 touches for a new prospect to feel comfortable in moving forward with a buying decision. Email marketing is a massive strategic tool in your customer acquisition tool belt.

What type of SEO tools are being used? Are you using the tools that give you and your company a superior edge over your competition? Are you using the most cutting edge solutions to ensure that the new prospects in the market are sure to find you and your company before being exposed to the competition?

SEO Services in Portland to Grow Your Business

While we’d like to say we provide the best Portland SEO Services, we like to leave that up to what both Google and our Clients have to say. You see, we rank for thousands of keywords, and this is Google’s way of telling us… that in our very competitive market… Search Engine Optimization… that they believe that Neovora is the best.

And while being quite humbling to have Google recognize us as the best by placing us so high thousands of times within their search engine results… it is also extremely validating.

You see, at Neovora we have a system.

Neovora Business Systems That Help Your Business Grow

We follow that system in every city we market in.

historic Portland OregonEvery single client that is fighting within their respective market receives the benefit of our proprietary system… enabling them to rank and ultimately dominate for their target keywords… just as we do.

Additionally, we’re students of the game, with every member of our team committed to a minimum of 10 hours per week of pure study.

Yes, a minimum of 10 hours per week. 43 hours per month… and over 500 hours each year of hard core study.

In addition to study, we are testers.

Expert Portland SEO Services and A Partner For Growth

We are continually testing everything. How does a title tag written “this way” versus “that way” affect our rankings? When we use our H-tags in one way versus another, what is the impact?

When our call-to-actions are crafted with surveys rather than direct opt-ins, what is our conversion rate? What about landing page headlines and font style?

Yes, we test everything.

When it comes down to working with our clients to dominate their local markets, we are ready to come to the table prepared to fight and win.

Coming in second, quite simply, is not an option and not why you are looking to a company like ours for assistance.

Is Your Company Looking To Dominate Your Local Market?

If you’d like to learn more about how Neovora can assist your business and put it on track towards dominating your local market, we encourage you to first run your site through an initial 60 second website analysis.

This is a free service to all of our prospective clients and one that we strongly encourage you to engage in.

This analysis will outline the current state your website is in and allow you to gain a more clear perspective of how your site is currently stacking up against the competition within your local market.

Once you’ve had a chance to engage the website analysis, and you’d like to talk to one of our client services representatives that supports our Portland, Oregon clients, simply click on the “Discovery Form” link and we’ll get a little bit of additional information about your company prior to an initial 20 minute conversation being scheduled.

Listen, we know that you are looking to grow your company.

We recognize that every penny you spend to grow your business needs to have exponential ROI.

We spend our working lives to ensure we are able to provide the most cutting edge customer acquisition strategies and tactics available.

Are you ready to dominate your local market?

If you are, you may be just the type of client we like to work with. Consider the top Portland SEO Services provider.

We serve Portland and all surrounding areas such as: Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Tualatin, Milwaukie, Happy Valley, Gladstone, Damascus, Gresham, Sherwood, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Beavercreek, Troutdale, Canby, Burlington, Sandy, Woodburn, West Linn, Aloha, Oregon City, Colton, Salem, McMinnville, Newberg, Silverton.