Cornelius Oregon | Washington County | Greater Portland Metropolitan Area

Peaceful Cornelius, OregonCornelius, Oregon is an agricultural city in the Portland metropolitan area with four wineries open to the public located in the Tualatin Valley. It is composed of beautiful hillsides, farms and home to one of the oldest golf courses in the Pacific Northwest. It was in 1845 that T.R. Cornelius settled in the Tualatin Plains with his family to establish farms that would eventually develop into a new city. The city was named after Cornelius due to his many contributions to its development. The good soil which has its origins from the hills over a period of thousands of years with ice age floods, favored the local farmers tremendously. The products were transported to be sold in Portland using the rivers as roads. In 1893 the city was incorporated consisting of a Mayor and four councilmen. By 1898 the town had an approximate population of 400 residents. Today the estimated number of its residents is up to 12,000.

Attractions and Things to do in and around Cornelius

Some of the delicious goodies of the city include strawberries, lilies and gladiolas which can be handpicked from the family owned farms, but also sold in the local farmer’s market and stores. The scenic golf course, named Forest Hills was built in 1927. It is a popular golf destination for Portland residents since it is located just 26 miles away. You will find a variety of small family owned winery, restaurants and shops. For wine tasters, Cornelius offers beautiful views of the Tualatin Valley seen from the cities’ wineries, which include the Blooming Hill vineyard.

Other popular wineries are Ardiri Winery and the Gresser vineyard. A popular local attraction is the Redwine House which was built by Albert S. Sholes and later owned by the Redwine family. They provided tours for schools and groups within the community.

The TriMet Bus connects with Forest Grove and Hillsboro by the TV highway as it is locally called, but also referred to as the Tualatin Valley Highway. The city is also connected to the Portland light rail system in Hillsboro. The local airport is called the Skyport Airport.