Damascus Oregon | Clackamas County | Greater Portland Metro Area

Beautiful rural Damascus outside of PortlandDamascus is a city in Oregon originally developed on the Foster-Barlow Road, an extension of the historical Oregon Trail. The history of the city started in 1854 when Edward Pedigo set up a business making red clay pots and jars. Before the Foster-Barlow Road was built, Oregon City was considered the most prosperous town in the area since it would receive the wagon trains. But later in 1866 the town was big enough to accommodate a post office, where residents decided on a name. Local residents suggested the name “Damascus” in reference to the Apostle Paul’s conversion on the “Road to Damascus” as stated in the Bible. The reason behind this was because the city was recently populated and represented a “Place of a new beginning,” for settlers and new arrivals.

City Information and Attractions

Damascus, Oregon is a small town situated about 20 miles southeast of downtown Portland which was incorporated in 2004. The city is located east of Happy Valley and and west of Boring. It existed as a community since 1867, when a post office was established, but that post office closed in 1904. Today the city is entering a period of transition from a rural community into an urban city. It has stunning views of Mt. Hood and the Clackamas River, and offers an all year round opportunity for outdoor activities and local gathering.

Visitors from around the world are attracted to the beauty of the farmlands, and home-based businesses. The views of Mt. Hood are beautiful and welcome visitors as they travel eastbound heading west toward Portland. Travelers also enjoy the Clackamas River, with its delicious salmon and steelhead fishing as well as fun rafting activities. Visitors will receive the warm welcoming of a small city with local shops, businesses and restaurants.


As of the census of 2010, there were 10,539 people, and 2,984 families residing in the city, with 91.3% Whites, 0.6% African Americans, 0.6% Native Americans, 3.4% Asians, 0.2% Pacific Islanders, and 4.4% of Hispanics or Latino of any race. 43% of residents are over 45 years of age, and 67% completed some college, or received an associate’s, bachelors, or graduate degree. The Median income in Damascus ranged from $67,070 to $72,016 in 1999.