Gladstone Oregon | Clackamas County | Greater Portland Metro Area

Parks in Gladstone, by the Clackamas and Willamentte RiversGladstone is located in Clackamas County, Oregon and a historic city with approximately 12,000 residents in a centrally located community. It is situated 8 miles south of downtown Portland, providing access to metropolitan areas and daily commutes for big city activities while its residents enjoy life in a city with small town charm. The population is 11,570, making Gladstone the 7th largest city in Clackamas County, with 4 public schools and very low crime rate. The city has held several important cultural and social events, hosting both the Clackamas County Fair and the Oregon State Fair, right before they were moved to Milwaukie and other locations around Portland. Both Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan and presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt have visited the city and given public speeches.


The earliest settlers in the area were the Cason and Rineason families who received the first donations and granted by President Lincoln. It was called the Donation Land Claim Act. The Casons and the Rinearsons were the first settlers who lived alongside the local Indians where a ferry was operated across the Clackamas river. But the founder of the city was Harvey Edward cross who named it after a British statesman, Sir William Ewert Gladsone. Cross purchased land donated to William one of the members of the Canson family. In 1883, Cross formed the Gladstone Real Estate Corporation and attempted to incorporate the city in 1889. But the city was only incorporated in 1911 with O.C. Freytag as its first mayor.

City Activities

Gladstone is proud to host outdoor activities with several parks, including High Rocks, bike trails, community gardens, observatories, gardens, and friendly neighborhoods. Both the Willamette and Clackamas rivers, have a boat ramp for water sports enthusiasts. Some of the fun annual events include Easter egg hunts, ice cream socials, hot dog feeds, movies in the park, and cultural festivals which residents and tourists alike look forward to.