Sandy Oregon | Clackamas County | Greater Portland Metropolitan Area

Sandy is a small city located in Clackamas County, Oregon, that was named after the Sandy River right next to it. The city serves as the bridge and gateway to Mount Hood Corridor, around 25 miles from Portland. As of the 2010 census, the city it had a population of 9,570. It is also has an approximate population of 20,000 in its rural area that is the center of commercial activity.


In 1845, a pioneer named Samuel K. Barlow, from Kentucky, was responsible for completing the so famous Oregon Trail with the Barlow Road, which runs from the south side of Mt. Hood to Eagle Creek and Damascus, and a settlement east of Portland. The Francis Revenue family, were the first settlers to arrive in 1853 and opened a trading post on that same road, called the Barlow Road and which assisted several of the thousands of pioneers who traveled to reach the Willamette Valley. The first post office was then established in 1873 and the town incorporated city in 1913, named after the nearby Sandy River.

City Attractions and Snow Climate

The beautiful view of Mt. Hood from Sandy, OregonThe City of Sandy is a gateway to Mt. Hood, and is surrounded by an area with scenic rivers and wilderness, and variety of recreational activities. It is the eastern most city in Clackamas County with Gresham being its neighboring city. The city hosts the annual Sandy Mountain Festival, an Oktoberfest and a local Holiday Festival and Parade. A breathtaking view of Mt Hood and the Sandy River Valley can be enjoyed from the Jonsrud Viewpoint, which was a donation to the City of Sandy by one of the sons of early settlers resident named Philip Jonsrud. The Tickle Creek Trail is also located in the city, known as ‘The heart and soul of Sandy Oregon.’ There is a lot of rain during winter but the mild climate with snow on Mt. Hood favors residents that are into skiing, snow boarding, and snowshoeing. The summers are warm and dry but not above the temperature of 71.6 °F (22.0 °C)