Sherwood Oregon | Washington County | Greater Portland Metropolitan Area

20 minutes from downtown Portland, Sherwood OregonSherwood is a small town in Washington County, west of downtown Portland, surrounded by the beautiful Tualatin and Chehalem mountains. The Tulatin Indians were the first settlers to live in the area, named as the Atfalati. Eventually the natives were moved to reservations because of the land donations given to european settlers. The area began to be populated by farmers in 1853. In 1870 several families settled in the area, notably its founder, James Smock. The town was initially called Smockville, but later renamed since its co-founders refused it. So it was suggested by Russel Panter, also a resident, and accepted by the community to be Sherwood instead. The California Gold Rush as well as the railroad through J.C. Smock’s property contributed to a major shift and development of the city, and its incorporation in 1893. . The local economy was mostly driven by building bricks and farming. Currently the main industry of the city is manufacturing. Recently new housing units were built to accommodate the population growth which includes several families searching for a small town living but close to Portland’s Metropolitan area. The city council also announced a development plan to annex the Brookman Road area to increase the demand for residential construction

Points of Interest

Visitors can enjoy the historical downtown area with local shops, wineries, antique stores and beautiful city parks with walking trails.  For art enthusiasts, the new Center for the Arts offers gallery exhibits throughout the year. The city also hosts the Sherwood Robin Hood Festival which has been celebrated for more than 60 years. During the festival locals and visitors enjoy live entertainment, medieval robin hood acts, music, kids area, food and wine selections from the local wineries and breweries.

Some of the local wineries are Ponzi which is located over a hill providing  privileged ambiance and a fireplace and Hawks View Cellars with an outdoor wine tasting area. Other fun activities include strawberry picking in local farms such as in Baggenstos Farm and the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge where visitors can see and experience wildlife animal living of chipmunks, squirrels, bald eagles and more.