Tualatin Oregon | Washington County | Greater Portland Metropolitan Area

Tualatin Commons is a quiet place to live.The City of Tualatin is a a warm and welcoming community for businesses, residents and local retail shoppers alike. The community is proud of its high quality of life promoting ownership, involvement and belonging. Downtown Tualatin is the center for local commerce and businesses, as well as the central meeting place for the community. The central aspect of the Tualatin Commons is a lake and public plaza, with public gathering space offering a a high quality surrounding for its residents. Tualatin is a southern suburb of Portland, Oregon with the option of the Westside Express Service (WES) commuter rail that provides accessible, affordable and easy relocation for Tualatin residents and visitors to Tigard and the Portland Metropolitan Area.

City Attractions and Recreation

Tualatin and its community groups organize recreational opportunities that range from canoe rentals to world class trips and festivals. In 2009, the Giant Pumpkin Regatta was named the best festival in Oregon! Tualatin is also home to the nation’s oldest Crawfish Festival located west of the Mississippi River.

In addition to these festivals, there are several events that are held each year including summer concerts and the local farmers market. Visitors can also enjoy the upscale Bridgeport Valley, an open air European style shopping area with retail stores, restaurants and movie theaters. Other fun activities include snowboarding and skiing in the Cascade Mountain Range, on Mt. Hood.

Demographics and Economy

During the last 10 years, the City of Tualatin has been considered as one of the fastest growing cities in Portland and Oregon, distinguishing itself from many other regions by maintaining its high standard of living. It is home to a large number of educated and skilled residents in the region. The city population consists of 80.4% Whites, 1.2% African Americans, 0.7% Native Americans, 3.5% Asians, 1% Pacific Islanders, and 17.3% of Hispanics or Latinos. The southern part of the city hosts several manufacturers that boosts the economy such as Norvellus Systems, Kershaw Knives, and CRKT.