Ensure your PPC is operating at 100% efficiency for maximum ROI.

Is your pay-per-click strategy delivering optimal results?

Most PPC campaigns are not optimized the full extent. If your ads were set up by someone in your office or by yourself, there is a big chance that you’re not getting the best from your advertising budget.

Even worse is when you hire an agency to manage your campaign, and their results are only average or worse. If you have any Ads campaign, whether managed by you or an agency, we offer a free audit.

What is a PPC audit?

Our free 16 point audit will analyze each major aspect of the campaign and give insights into what is being done well, or what is lacking. Understanding strengths and weaknesses of your advertising campaign is extremely valuable.

Depending on the audit’s results, you will realize that your current strategy is wasting money by the day, or your campaign is operating at optimal levels. This audit will give you the exact blueprint make sure you maximize your visibility to get the most possible leads in your city, rather than just wasting money month after month.

Points covered in the audit:

  • Campaigns Performance

  • Campaign Settings

  • Ad Group Settings

  • Ads and Extensions

  • Keywords and Negative Keywords

  • Landing Page

  • Conversions