Google AdWords Campaign Management

If your business is seeking a PPC Management Company, with not only years of experience, but a strategy that flat out gets results, we believe that you have found that company in Neovora.

Our expert managers have expertience in every aspect of the PPC lifecycle from analysis of the initial ad funnel assets (the ads, the landing pages, and the content), through the other areas that are used to improve campaigns (A/B split testing, tracking, research, and reporting).

Here on this page we will outline many of the day-to-day jobs our experts engage in, then we’d like to invite you to watch a short training video that is sure to change your perspective of what you need to do, immediately, to begin enjoying a tremendously successful AdWords campaign. You will definitely want to watch the video.

Best PPC ManagementAnd while Neovora maintains expertise in both pay-per-click advertising as well as SEO and client retention, it is important to state that while SEO is a fantastic long-term strategy, there is no better strategy in the world for developing a steady flow of buyers who are actively seeking your solutions… fast! Fast, like as in… 1-week fast. SEO simply can’t compete with that.

But better than just fast, PPC, and more specifically, Google AdWords, enables any type of service business an opportunity to build a fantastic beachhead around this advertising channel that will enable your company to grow as fast as you want it to grow.

As you read through the rest of this page, we want you to pay close attention to some of the subtleties that differentiate Neovora from most others. Then, as you get to the bottom of this page, it is super important that you take a few extra moments of your time to watch a quick training video that will forever change the way you look at PPC advertising, particularly with Google AdWords.

PPC Campaign Optimization

Would it surprise you that over 86% of all Google AdWords advertisers don’t send their “clicks” to a proper landing page, with most of these red-hot leads actually being sent to the respective advertiser’s website homepage? It shouldn’t surprise you, as this is exactly what is happening and just one of the many reasons why there is a massive opportunity for your business.

Split Testing Your Ads To Achieve Higher Click-Through Rates

Listen, once you write an ad, this is just the beginning.

  • How do you know if your ad will resonate with your target audience?
  • How do you know that your call-to-action is compelling?
  • Is your target market picking up the phone to call you?
  • What is the action you most want these folks to take?

By testing version A of an ad with version B, by perhaps changing the headline, or the call to action, can change your overall conversion rate exponentially.

As we get to the bottom of this page, I am going to explain something about the Neovora testing process that is going to blow your mind and literally have you asking yourself… well… we’ll wait until the end of the page to get to that!

Testing Your Highly Targeted and Relevant Landing Pages

As we mentioned above, just over 86% of all PPC advertisers are sending their traffic, those people that have clicked their ads, to their home page.

Not only is this the worst page you could send this traffic to, but it’s the most inefficient page to get a conversion from. Just as you would A/B test your ads, you would do the same with each and every landing page.

What do I mean by “each and every,” when it comes to Landing Pages?

Just because you’ve realized that you don’t want to send your traffic to your home page is not a reason to send all of your traffic to only 1 Landing Page. Each ad group, with its tightly grouped and related keywords, needs to be driven to its own respective Landing Page. While no simple task, this pays off in spades.

Your Landing Pages will have a lot more content and in addition to testing the conversion rate of the content used on this page, we also examine design elements and conversion rate optimization components… the things that make people want to move to the next action.

As we mentioned above, when we get to the bottom of this page, we are going to reveal a large component of what makes Neovora so successful, and it is going to leave you literally scratching your head.

The Neovora Agency Production Team for Google AdWords

The Google AdWords process has many moving parts, many components that require continual monitoring… monitoring by people with a level of expertise to know what it is that they’re looking at.

how optimize ppc campaignIt’s one thing to have a system or set of processes that examines an AdWords Campaign, it’s completely something different for an analyst to be able to discern the action items that are necessary when something changes or when a trip-wire is engaged. This is where the highly trained and experienced team of Neovora comes in.

Google AdWords Account Managers

These are the folks that you’ll talk to at Neovora. They ensure that they are up to date with all campaign results and are the representatives of Neovora that ensure we know what you are looking to accomplish with your campaign.

Neovora Account Coordinators

These valuable Neovora employees assist the AdWords Account Managers day in and day out. They ensure that all of the data for each client is carefully analyzed an look for trends and opportunities, bringing this information to the attention of the Account Managers.

Neovora PPC Specialists

These are the Neovora Subject Matter Experts that understand every aspect of Google AdWords backwards and forwards. They create the initial strategy and lay out the game plan for the rest of the team to execute. This group of team members is responsible for planning out all of the different tests we run as well as coordinating the Neovora Secret Weapon that we’ll discuss at the bottom of this page.

 The Neovora Web Development Team

These folks aren’t just merely designers, but true craftsmen when it comes to the development of web pages that get the desired results. This team consists of many roles, from those that are writing the ads and landing pages, to those that edit every word we publish.

Breaking Down the Elements of Your Google AdWords Campaign

Your AdWords campaign is unique to your business and unique to your goals, so we need to start there in everything we do.

And, while the above statement is 100% true, we have found through the years that by executing best practices throughout the entire Google AdWords process, this works wonders.

What are your Google AdWords objectives?The Research and Discovery Process

This is where we learn everything there is to know about your sales process, business objectives, and overall value proposition… taking this information and molding into the AdWords campaign that will become your red-hot lead generating machine.

If you watch the video that we refer you to at the end of this page, you will learn about a very important 16-Point Audit we put every single Google AdWords client through. This audit is a critical component to our Research and Discovery process. Through this audit we are able to identify exactly how your current business objectives are aligned with the current reality of your campaign structure. We’re able to identify low-hanging fruit and take advantage of these opportunities.

Finally, once we’ve understood your business objectives, we’ve outlined and identified the keywords, we’ve audited your current campaign… we then dig into the competition. We tear apart their campaigns and look for every possible vulnerability, and we exploit them. Yes, and while it may sound painful and combative, it really isn’t. We simply look at how they are doing things, and we do them better. This results in more clicks, for less money… resulting in more sales. At the bottom of this page, we’ll outline our key differentiator.

Our Strategy Execution

Once we’re clear about your strategic business objectives, we then craft the best strategic approach for your campaign. We outline the design of your ads as well as your landing pages… and the respective content and calls-to-action.

We break your keywords down into fine-tuned and highly relevant groups, ensuring that each of these groups is targeted towards a highly optimized landing page.

Tracking Processes and Tools

We track everything. Every call. Every click. Every action. With this data we are able to do something that few, if any, other PPC Management Agencies across the planet do… and we’ll get to this at the bottom of this page…

Creation of the Campaign

This is when we actually build the details of the actual campaign. Here is where we write the ads, create the landing pages, and employ the tracking mechanisms. Each set of keywords is carefully organized to correspond with the respective ads and landing pages.

Maintaining and Optimizing the Campaign

Now that the campaign is going, this is where Neovora really begins to shine brightly. As we will explain at the bottom of the page, we have identified a methodology to put these campaigns into overdrive, delivering the results that our clients seek. Here we focus on continually tweaking our ads and landing pages, while ensuring that our calls-to-action are achieving the desired results.

Reporting on the Campaign

  • How many impressions has an ad had?
  • How many times was it clicked?
  • Do we have a problem there?
  • Is an ad funnel generating calls?
  • What actions are getting the most activity?
  • What does the tracking data tell us as far as what we can anticipate about future sales?

Reporting brings everything together and provides both Neovora and your company the important information to both improve as well as continue to generate revenue.

We break down everything at the campaign level, from the amount of activity to the corresponding revenue that was generated from a single keyword. We track everything, so that we in turn can ensure that we leave no stone unturned with respect to potential ROI.

Before we ask you to take the next step in your own personal discovery process of Neovora, we want to take a moment to discuss something that we’ve been alluding to on this entire page. A differentiator if you will.

On this page you’ve heard us discuss strategy, testing, tracking and a host of other tactical elements. Great. All of these elements are important.

However, the one thing that truly enables Neovora to thrive, thus, enabling our clients to dominate within their respective markets are a few factors that we’ll discuss now.

First, we only take on one client within each specific niche industry within any given geographic market. 1 only… ever. Why would we ever want to compete with ourselves?

Now, with that said, a long time ago… we figured something out. “Hey, if we have an HVAC company in Austin… and we’ve spent weeks and months perfecting their campaign… how does that campaign differ from the HVAC client we now have in Madison?

That was a question that set off a firestorm of activity… and as you might imagine, a series of additional questions. We then spent months answering those questions, and once we came out the other side with the answers, we had created the most dominant AdWords solution on the market.

You see, while we are running our HVAC (we may as well continue using that example) tests in Seattle, we are applying those test results to our client campaign in San Diego. While we are running new tests in Phoenix, we’re applying those results to our client campaign in Buffalo.

You want to talk about ramping up a campaign fast… there is literally no comparison. Add to this the data that we are able to tear apart from calls-to-action… to tested credibility elements… the best display URLs that produce results… everything.

By aggregating this data… across all markets throughout the US… we’re able to see things that most of our competitors simply can’t.

So… with that said….

What is the Next Step with Neovora… Dynamic Business Growth With Google AdWords

At this point, we’ve introduced you to some of the basics of what our team does on a daily basis. And we’ve just outlined a major differentiator… in fact, I think that our differentiator is tremendous. However, we wanted to put something together that helped people understand some of the basics of what we do… so we built a video that breaks down what we feel are the 5 major things to consider… or things that drastically affect your success or failure with your company’s AdWords campaign.

Those five things are the following:

  1. The massive realization when it comes to push vs. pull marketing. You will never look at marketing the same again.
  2. The first phase of a successful campaign. Mess this up, and you’ll be spending way more than you need to… that’s if you ever even get ROI positive (we show you how to fix this).
  3. The second phase of a successful campaign. Most of your competition never even gets out of the starting blocks on this one… so pay close attention.
  4. The third phase of a successful campaign. This is where it all comes together, and you can determine if you are going to make money or not. 86% of your competition is missing the mark here… and we’ll break this part down… step-by-step.
  5. Finally, we outline the formula that triggers the highly sought after Multiplier Effect. Once triggered, you’ll begin generating 4x the amount of leads, without spending an additional dime. We outline the formula in detail.

So, take a few minutes right now… and watch the video and learn a few things that we are certain will forever effect the manner in which you look at and run your own PPC campaigns.

Simply click on the link below and you’ll immediately be taken to the video. Keep a pencil and paper handy… as you’ll definitely want to take some notes.