Fresno CA SEO Tutorial For Attracting Internet Prospects

Welcome to the first blog post in a series of posts in our Fresno SEO series. The purpose of this series is to educate businesses as to how to leverage the internet in their business’ growth. As a premier California SEO Company, Neovora knows exactly what our partners need to thrive. We will cover all the major aspects that we advise our clients to pursue:

  1. Attract Prospects
  2. Convert Visitors
  3. Close Leads
  4. Impress Customers
  5. Grow Your Business

How do you currently spread the word about your Business to your target market?So let’s get started with the most important thing for a business: always having a steady stream of new clients.

So where do you get your clients now?

  • Word of mouth
  • Newspaper
  • Billboards
  • TV ads
  • Digital and Internet Marketing
  • Does your work vehicle have a huge decal on the side?

Going through this list, it’s evident that the old forms of media, communication, and advertising are long gone. In today’s marketplace, your business should constantly be looking to get your brand in front of the largest amount of your targeted prospects.

Digital Marketing and SEO Experts

This is where the internet comes into play. What was once a tool to send data between universities in the US, has turned into the most dynamic communication and sales channel ever! There are more than 1 trillion+ searches on Google alone per year.

Most of these are by prospects searching for local businesses, local goods, and local services that will provide them with solutions to a problem. These problems are widespread, people are searching Google for these kinds of local solutions:

  • “Divorce attorney”
  • “Furniture“
  • “Plumbing”
  • “Appliance repair”
  • “best dentist for children”
  • “roofer near me”

What is your business’ target keyword? How are you helping these search queries land new prospects on your site?

Those local businesses with web domains, optimized websites, a strong search engine optimization strategy, and a good ranking will receive the majority of these visits. Those websites that hold the most valuable real estate on the internet not there by chance. A complex and ever-changing Google Algorithm has selected those websites for many reasons. Some of them are:

  • A fluid website that loads fast and has images and videos throughout,
  • A site that has strong internal linking structure that allows indexing spiders to navigate the site and extract it’s content and themes,
  • On-page SEO,
  • Off-Page SEO,
  • Site provides valuable content,
  • Social media interaction,
  • Powerful inbound linking strategy.

These are the kinds of sites that are rewarded by Google. What is the reward?

Search Engine Optimization

The reward is prime real estate on the busiest intersection on the local internet marketplace. Being among the first search results on Google for your target keywords will be no easy task! Other entrepreneurs have already found that being here grows businesses. So how is it possible to oust the competition?

Attract Prospects Online | Internet Marketing in Fresno

Fresno SEO Company

Because Neovora is an SEO Firm, we have worked in dozens of industries and local search markets implementing local SEO systems, we know exactly how to dethrone the current leaders. We deliver results. In this case, the result is a company that has first place rankings for numerous of the most competitive keywords in your local market.

To attract prospects, you need to have all kinds of properties on page one. Your website, your facebook, your blog pages, and your local city pages will all be among the top ten organic search results.

With this strategy, your lead generation strategy is the most powerful among all of your competition in the local market. Learn more about identifying internet prospects here.

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How to convert the prospects to actually start spending money with you? First of all you need to be found online! This may be hard if your site is failing in some crucial parts of on page and off page SEO.