Maximize Your Digital Marketing & Facebook Ads Strategy

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Facebook is one of the largest and one of the most influential social media websites today. The range of users vary from teenagers to adults in their fifties, wherein milennials are the age group that largely use this site to connect with friends and family to get updates, news, and stay connected to the rest of the world. 

Customer acquisition platform Fluent released the results of a new survey that analyzed the smartphone and social media use habits of 1,769 millennials (aged 18 through 34) and 1,191 non-millennials (35 and older). The survey found that millennials spend the greatest portion of their “online time” on their smartphones, as 24 percent of millennial smartphone owners said “nearly all” of their online time is spent on their smartphones and 27 percent said “most” of their online time is spent on their smartphones.

When multiplied tenfold or more, the number of possible and potential customers you can reach through Facebook alone can probably generate more profits than you have initially thought possible. That targeting of audiences on Facebook has never been possible before, and the results are impressive.

how to use facebook for social media marketingThere are many businesses, both local and online that solely bring revenue from targeting audiences on FB. Its truly a miraculous tool. But sometimes when businesses start to advertise their business on FB, they flounder and waste money. 

To reach the ultimate objectives that Facebook has to offer- powerful lead generation, you must follow best practices and monitor your methods to prevent throwing away good dollars in a failed FB marketing plan.

Ways To Reach Your Target Audience

These methods can help small local businesses looking to grow revenue but don’t have the capacity to hire a marketing agency or create an internal marketing team to develop a powerful campaign that will improve your lead generation, traffic and conversion. . If you are looking for ways to save on online marketing without losing the chance to reach your target audience then this post is for you. It’s all about Return On Investment.

Here are the most fundamental steps to getting started on FB. Before you can even think about paying for visits and audience, you need to start from scratch.

Create a Business Page. 

You may already have a business page, perhaps not. If you’re using your personal page, then this is the perfect time to switch to a business page. The process is simple and straightforward. At the start, you will have to select which type of business you are running, may it be a local place, company or institution, brand or product, or entertainment. Visit this page for more information. 

From here, get quality content- completely fill out your information, hours, mission, your products. Then do not skip the step where you upload quality media. If you have bad images, old logos, then consider spending time and money on improving the way your brand is promoted online. 

Post updates regularly. 

Regular posting of updates related to brand, service, or product is highly effective. You can post anything on your business wall but make sure that it’s interesting and strategic. You can and should be posting nearly everything under the sun. When new prospects come to your business page, its imperative they see activity there, so that their first impression is that you are an authority in the industry, and are hip to the times. The social media formula is a good guide:

digital marketing facebook ads

Participate in conversations. 

This is one of the best ways to reach out to your target market and potential customers – through interactive conversation. You need to post! It takes time to develop content and media, and actually post. A big secret is that you can actually curate a lot of your content to keep constant activity. Learn about how you can completely skip all the hard work and get a quality solution to your social media strategy for your small business.

After developing posts, everyday, respond to comments on your posts and answer all inquiries as timely as possible. One way to engage site visitors is by responding to their messages as soon as possible. They are more likely to contact a company that responds within an hour compared to another company in the same industry that responds within the day. Response time is crucial and essential to the conversion rate. 

Promote exclusive deals and special promos. 

facebook page marketing plan

The 20% of the social media formula is special offers that you are developing for your audience.

You can start offering a percentage discount on a product or service. People find discounts and special promotions more attractive, and are often only sitting around waiting for you to make the offer public. Aside from the possible increase of potential customers, there is a greater likelihood that the visitors will share the information with their friends. And this is why the specials being offered on your page should be substantial, having a high perceived value.

Finally, You May Be Ready To Purchase Facebook Ads. 

Once you develop your base platform, messaging, branding, then your ads can really take off. So before considering all your paid strategies, spend time on basic development. Check our other blogs for more information on other social platforms, and look into paid courses that show you how to manage your ad campaign, or else you’re basically going to be throwing money away. Visit the Neovora Business Page for an example of structured, frequent content. 

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