Retail Locations Depend on Loyal
Customers and Repeat Business

Reward their loyalty with something easy to carry

How It Works

The hardest part will be staffing for the increased flow of customers

Powerful Program To Boost
Your Customers’ Loyalty

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Compatible with all major Smartphones, including:



Automatic Push Notifications
To Customers’ Mobile

Neovora ConexLoyalty allows you to message
Brand Loyalty Wallet users. Push-notifications
are sent automatically when targets enter a geo-location
of your choice, reminding them of their incentives.


Control The Campaign,
Control The Rewards

Reward specific actions: providing an email, adding a phone,
or just signing up. Then control the campaign: For Every 10 Pizzas
1 is on you!? What about a free coffee or lunch on the house!

Start Using Neovora’s NeoConex Lead Loyalty System Today!

Mobile Loyalty Rewards Leave Your
Competition In The Stone Age

Implementing a mobile app and digital wallet for loyalty rewards is the best way to utilise
your customers smartphone in YOUR favor,

Start Using Neovora’s NeoConex Lead Loyalty Program Today!