Marketing For Local Business


Globalization can have a severely negative impact on our local markets. Giant corporations open their new locations within our communities with low prices and outsourced labor, leaving the smaller local businesses to fight for their lives in a painfully unfair battle. Statistics show that wherever a large company opens a new location, about 25 to 32 percent of local businesses are forced to close their doors forever.

Neovora is an advocate for small and medium-sized businesses that serve their local area.

We provide digital services to mom-and-pop operators around the nation who seek to ward off the threat of globalization and corporate bank-rolls. Our objective is to offer digital products and services that keep local businesses successful and growing while fighting to keep their clients from flocking to nationwide competitors.


Partners in Growth

We help our partners address their clients’ needs in a manner that makes those clients feel individualized – that their best interest is in mind and their needs are met. By showing them that they are valued, additional value is added to the products and services. This provides leverage in the battle against the faceless, price-cutting corporations (or even the more aggressive local competitors).

Digital Services

Whether you need to acquire new clients, or invest into the ones you already have and, Neovora has digital services that will insulate your business from external threats. The following pages are proven and tested strategies that ensure your business stands the test of time.