How Google’s Local 3-Pack Favors Mobile Websites

Getting the top spot in Google’s search page is like winning the lottery tenfold. It is the most sought after spot for businesses aiming to generate better online visibility and bigger online fanbase.

For companies that made it to the top spot, staying in that spot requires more search engine optimization efforts on both the owner and the SEO team. However, smaller companies awaiting to get featured in the 3-Pack have to work triple times, and this is where our Google Local SEO expert team takes an important role.

The Google Map Local Pack started showing the top 7 business and then it went down to the best 3 ranked companies. This is called the Google 3 pack, and this major change is perceived to address mobile users and their browsing convenience. Displaying 7 results won’t fit on a mobile screen and the last 4 search results weren’t getting so much traffic, therefore narrowing it down to 3 is more effective.

According to Stephan Futeral in his Guide to Understanding Google’s Local 3-Pack, rather than phone numbers usually being displayed in the pack, more often than not, it shows store hours and addresses – having added a button tap to call the store so displaying the phone number is no longer needed.

Futeral mentioned that a consistent Name/Address/Phone Number (NAP) is quite important, since an accurate and correct NAP holds great weight. If Google sees that this information is the same across different platforms, then most likely, the rankings will improve since this is a clear indication that it’s current and active, and so is your trade.

The ‘Local Intent’ Should Be Present

How does Google Maps determine which local company to promote in the 3-Pack map? The top businesses aren’t featured by mere coincidence or just because they rank higher than the rest. This is all based on what the users are searching on the web.

When there is a ‘local intent’ factor in a search, automatically the 3-Pack will show up at the top of the results page. There is no definite or official statement from Big G but generally these type of searches have local intent:

  1. When geographic references (such as city name, state, or zip code) are included in searched phrases. Examples like ‘expert SEO Omaha service’ or ‘popular salad bars in NYC’ populates the 3-Pack.
  2. The ‘near me’ or any similar search terms
  3. Searches for services provided by businesses such as ‘gym’, ‘restaurant’ or ‘tailor shop’

With this in mind, it matters to know where to direct and focus your efforts in building site traffic and the appropriate budget allocation to complete the task. Google Local SEO experts would want to know where in the online market you would want to penetrate.

The GMB Profile | What Can It Do?

The Google My Business (GMB) profile is basically your official online company profile. It is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses, brands, organizations and artists to manage their online presence across Google, including Maps and Search. By adding the official information, you can help customers find your location and learn what’s in-store for them.

Create A GMB Profile

Firstly, creating a GMB page is important. Add in your shop information especially the name, address, and phone number. Secondly, verify your business with Google. This may take awhile but as long as you have the permanent phone number and address, you are almost good to go.

GMB Profile Optimization

Adding your official information isn’t enough to get a spot in the Google 3-Pack. There’s more work to be done before your business gets the chance to place in the coveted spot. Improving the official information however way you can would really help in your ranking. Do the following:

  1. Provide accurate information on your profile.
  2. Make sure your business is verified.
  3. Keep your availability and service hours accurate.
  4. Add photos of the business, location, services offered, and customer experience.
  5. Manage and respond to consumer reviews and inquiries.
  6. Create local content, you may write posts about your city.
  7. Encourage your customers to leave an onlive review about the experience they had with your business.

Good Reviews, Good Trade

Positive and honest reviews from clients and customers have a great impact on your trade. You don’t need webmasters or expensive marketing strategies to get reviews. So long as your website is mobile friendly and customers have Wi-Fi access while in your location, with a little persuasion, they can easily leave reviews for your product or service.

Reviews have a remarkable influence on the Google Local Pack rankings.

Your Business Deserves That Top Spot

Like many businesses, every owner deserves to rank high on the search page. Your store might have a place in the local 3-Pack when customers search for the type of service or product you sell. Just make sure to keep an eye on every update Google announces as they continue to alter and improve what it takes to rank in the local search.

In our continuous effort to help small businesses, our Google Local SEO strategy applies all updates by Google’s search engine algorithms in all our online marketing and web publishing strategies. We focus on local lead generation and business domination. We can help you achieve a commendable GMB page and so much more!