Social Media Tips For Small and Mid-Sized Business in Albany NY

This is the fourth post in a series of blog posts that deals with helping businesses in New York with their search engine optimization efforts. As a top Albany SEO Company, we know a thing or two about digital marketing and social media marketing. We especially know how to do New York Lead Generation right!

Here is a list of some things that local business in New York are doing incorrectly. We have lots of other posts about how social media in our blog posts that can better assist you in your implementation efforts.

Local businesses rarely have a proper social media strategy

Plan out your social media strategy and actually understand what social properties are used for what. Youtube and Instagram can be great for showing actual in-field examples of your work.

They can also be great for showing video testimonials of your clients or highlighting employees and their work.You must plan the type of content that you will be posting. Ideally, a schedule can be made ahead of time. This helps you adhere to your plan.

Building too many platforms too fast

how does your social media strategy stand out in a crowdIf you make many social media accounts, you can often get lost in the new profiles and never get back to them. Take your time to build, learn, and use each account. It will take you time to learn how to use the social media accounts and for you to build a plan to follow into the future. Take some time to branch out from a few accounts to mastering social media management.

Buying fake followers, likes, shares

These days, internet marketing agencies offer services of attracting hundreds or thousands of followers, likes and shares of content. This a huge no-no. This is a huge red flag to search engines and you will definitely be penalized. There is no ROI or engagement from these followers beyond the initial following.

You want to develop real relationships with your audience and prospects. Social media is not a channel to skip ahead of the line. You must be authentic and deliver quality content that will attract a following.

Not using each property correctly

In order to understand how each social media profile should be used, you should be looking into popular or trending accounts on that channel. See what the most viral posts are posting and try to mimic them by applying the template to your industry or service.

Another good way to get quality and appropriate content is by looking at competition and others in your industry. What are they doing that is successful? Replicate it!

Definitely do social media, but do it right. Social media can be great for turning prospects that are on the fence into clients. Often, and more likely for larger ticket transactions, prospects will need some nurturing. Some of these prospects will nurture themselves by following you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other outlets.

Neovora | Albany Social Media Marketing Agency

Take the time to post product reviews, product and service explanations, and finished results. These kinds of strategies can be implemented by someone in your internal team, and higher-quality content is desirable, but not necessary. Check out the top rank blog for more insight and a checklist on social media management.

When using social media, you need to use your keywords and optimize descriptions, titles, and all types of content. When available, Geotagging is also a huge bonus. Geotagging is available in Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Blogpost, and other profiles. This relates back to local SEO and helps you pop up in local search results.

Aside from social media marketing, we are specialists in search engine optimization. If you are interested in SEO and your internet marketing presence, you can see how you stand today. We offer a free website analysis here. This analysis is an aggregate of over a dozen tools that are paid services.

With this report, you can better understand your current standing on the web in relation to your competition. This will be a great starting point in optimizing and redesigning your digital marketing strategy.

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