When planning your social media marketing strategy, don’t go for broad or unattainable plans. Make it brief but comprehensive. Simple but with long-term measures. Be specific so that every strategy execution is analyzed and calculated, threading through action steps already identified and decided.

For every post, re-post, like, share, or comment, make it count. Each action taken by the by existing clients, followers, prospects, or the target audience, in general, can be of an advantage to the business. So make it count. Maximize the individual potential of each audience engagement.

Where to Start With Social Media Marketing?

Being active and responsive to the audience, putting out content to inform or trigger social engagement is the second half of any social marketing strategy. It always starts with a good social media marketing plan.

Know Your Audience

By knowing what your audience and potential customers want to see on social media will point you in the right direction when creating content that they will comment on, like or share. It will help you conclude which product you are offering will sell to these audiences. It will also help in conceptualizing new products as the business grows and expands.

Social media analytics will help you determine what the target audience is searching for on the internet, what are the latest trends, the hottest selling products, and even which age group searches what. These tools help you refine your marketing plan and come up with better social content.

There are different analytics tools out there.

  • Keyhole – It “shows you when your users are most active, so you get to see your audience’s best engagement days and times.
  • Hootsuite – “Automatically schedules and posts content for you, freeing up more time to engage with customers.

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For a more platform-based analytics tool, check:

Know Your Competition

If you’re in a competitive business, most likely, your competitors are already into social media marketing. Don’t get distracted and learn from what they are already doing to promote their brand.

Conduct a competitive analysis. It is an evaluation of what the competitor is doing well and not doing so well in their marketing efforts.

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It will help you learn which platforms they are active in, what type of content engages the audience more, know what strategy is working for them to pinpoint the loopholes in your own marketing strategy. Moreover, it’s another way of spotting opportunities for growth. For example, if the competitor markets their business by posting professional photos on Instagram but isn’t doing much on Twitter or Facebook. Then you can work your way on these two platforms, instead of trying to take the audience from an already performing brand.

Take note of competitor accounts and how they use industry keywords. Over time, there may be a shift in how these mediums are used and how these changes affect the competitor’s online presence. Watch out for these changes as well for it may benefit your business or affect your marketing plans.

Know What’s Working

If you’re already using social to market your product or service, re-examine your current marketing efforts. Pause for a minute to examine what you have done and accomplished so far.

What part of your marketing plans has worked? Which ones aren’t? Which platform does your prospect use more often? Compared to your competitors, how effective is your social media presence?

By getting factual answers to these questions, you will have a better view of how effective your marketing plan is. Or if you are working with the right plan. By knowing where you are at with your strategies, you know which platforms will give you the best results, which ones you should keep improving to reach more audience, and which social is just a waste of time.

With a lot of information to acquire, facts to analyze, and numbers to digest, creating your own social media strategy plan and sticking to it can become an overwhelming task. Especially when the business is growing and in need of more online exposure.

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