When you’re tight on budget but in dire need of new ways to reel in new customers, selecting the type of marketing strategy you want to invest in should be decided upon carefully. So we are here to tell you why social media marketing is so important- and why you absolutely need to do it.

Social media marketing is one of the most flexible and cost-effective strategies that can help businesses maximize their audience reach. The increase in awareness of the power that social platforms hold in finding more audience, especially for small businesses, is shown in this report from www.themanifest.com:

  • Almost all small businesses (89%) invest in marketing, which demonstrates the value of marketing efforts.
  • More small businesses (35%) prefer digital marketing than traditional marketing (31%), as companies focus their efforts online.
  • The top channels small businesses will increase their investment are social media (63%), website (54%), and SEO (35%).

As businesses – start-ups, small/big, associations, and corporations – seek new ways to market their products and services, digital marketing can become a real game-changer for any industry.

High ROI From Social Media Management Strategies

1. Customers are active on social media platforms

By 2021, the number of social media users worldwide is expected to reach 3.1 billion people; or probably more due to the increasing number of young audiences that are gaining access to these platforms. More than 50% of people who have a social account check social platforms every day and over a third check their accounts over five times a day.

Finding these prospects are easier when you become active on these channels as well. Don’t make the audience find you, go out there and promote your business.

2. Prospects are more responsive on social platforms.

Prospects spend a lot of time on these platforms for quick access to online connections, to keep in touch with people they know, and stay informed with global news. They come here mainly for entertainment, not to look out for marketing posts. Yet, a lot of them are always open to getting updates from their favorite brands, stores, and dealers.

And they are very responsive to the brands they follow. When consumers engage in the posts from the brands they follow, it’s because they find value in it. This gives brands a room to create varied content to post. May it be a promotional offer, an anniversary update, a new product launch, a change in management, a new branch location, or purely educational post; customer engagement can happen anytime. It’s another way to genuinely connect with your audience, instead of just bombarding them with marketing messages.

3. Brand visibility is frequent.

Posting regularly is the best way to stay active online. The more content that gets posted, the better your brand visibility becomes. Prospects may see your posts often in their feeds, and this brings about brand awareness which then leads to brand recognition. By giving them relatable and interesting content, your brand value increases. Your brand becomes more accessible to both current and new audiences.

4. Increase inbound traffic to your website.

Adding important links to your content is one of the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help build traffic to your website. This is what makes social media marketing impressive because the opportunity to invite site visits is boundless. Aside from putting out engaging and valuable content, don’t miss the chance to get prospects to view your site.

More site visits mean a better opportunity to convert.

5. Cost effective.

In traditional media, so much time and finances are often allotted to complete a single campaign material. Some aren’t even budget-friendly.

Whereas in social media, one can spend a few hours a week and still get significant results. This is the advantage of going digital, it helps you cut marketing costs without sacrificing the outcome. Social posting doesn’t focus on posting good content alone, it’s partly having conversations with followers and the general target audience. It isn’t just the customers that are expected to engage with the brand. The brand itself can start a timely conversation with a single statement in a post.

6. Don’t miss the chance to gain customer insight.

How do you gain customer insight? Talk to them, of course. But how? By regularly interacting with existing customers and prospects. You’ll be able to take a look at what consumers care about, what attracted them to your brand, and what made them stay. By having conversations with them, you can unroot the challenges that they may have while buying your products and services or concerns they have dealt with or are currently dealing with after making a purchase. It is also a good opportunity to see your brand from the consumers’ perspective. Use what you have learned to improve your brand.

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