Social Wifi and Digital Loyalty

Among all the Google Panda updates and bringing on new clients, we’ve somehow found a way to add another product to our offering. If you are a partner of ours in the retail space, you will likely be getting a call from us soon.

Businesses that thrive on repeat business and depend on brand loyalty are in for something incredible! Working with some tech developers for the product itself, we have been able to create a great tool. Businesses are now able to leverage their free wifi offerings in exchange for a powerful and automated lead generation tool.

You see, traditionally when businesses offer free wifi to their clients, guests, and prospects, there is no value exchange. Clients are simply getting free service. Over the past several years have seen a few things take place, first most businesses experiencing higher operational costs.. Then the cost of acquiring new customers has more than doubled and conversion rates have been cut in half.

albuquerque-seo-social wifiThe internet has literally changed everything, and if a business doesn’t harness the power of the internet… they generally find themselves struggling to keep up.

Businesses now are able to easily and quickly leverage this service in exchange for valuable prospect information. Anyone dealing with us knows the value of leads and client lifetime value!

We have all the details coming out soon, but for now, just get excited about this social wifi and also…

A new digital brand loyalty tool!

This one is big! For all those industries that depend on repeat business from loyal customers, this one is major! We all know the importance of keeping loyal customers, developing incentives for them to stay true, and for them to come back. We also know that keeping clients is easier and cheaper than finding NEW clients.

Somehow we were able create a brand loyalty program that is based on mobile devices! This is working great in Albuquerque and around New Mexico.

There are so many valuable pieces and benefits to go into it all now.. Another week or so and we can roll it all out for you! Visit the previous post in our blog here. Check in soon.