NeoConex Lead Loyalty System

$67.00 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $697.00 sign-up fee

Implement a passive, automated lead generation and viral loyalty program that rewards your retail visitors with the FREE WiFi they seek, while bringing you a positive ROI and a constant flow of referral customers.

The Neovora NeoConex Lead Loyalty System is a complete turnkey solution for retail businesses to attract new customers, increase their loyalty, and rewards them every time they visit your store.

The complete system includes use of our proprietary WiFi router, social account login setup, custom branded landing page, post-login campaign, 500 digital loyalty cards custom branded and designed with your company’s look and feel. Bonuses include a 7-part prospect email marketing campaign with automated delivery, 3-part Strategy Consulting Webinar Series, viral automated referral system, Facebook Remarketing Pixel integrated into your campaigns, 2 extra campaigns for recurring or special events, our brand new Advanced WiFi/Loyalty Marketing Services video series created just for our NeoConex Lead Loyalty System members. All this at the today-only price of $67 per month with a $697 setup fee.

Package Description:

Lead-Generating Wireless WiFi Hotspot with Social Login

This is the Free WiFi hotspot with social login, which becomes your lead generating tool. We supply the router, which has our custom firmware installed in order to let your visitors automatically gain access to your internet in exchange for their contact information. The router is 100% compatible with all mobile devices that have WiFi capabilities, and is yours to use while implementing our service. You get complete bandwidth controls so you can control how long people are online and how much of your bandwidth they can consume…

Customized, Branded Landing Page and Campaign

One campaign with a custom, professionally designed branded landing page for your users to log in to use your free WiFi service.

This is completely integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, & LinkedIn… along with the ability for your customers to sign in with their email address.

After successful login you can redirect them to your social media accounts to like or share them, push them to your Yelp or TripAdvisor page, show them a promotional video, or send them to any web page you’d like.

We also integrate this process with our ConexLoyalty program and send them to sign up for your digital loyalty card.

Private Dashboard with Real-Time Data

You will have access to your own dashboard where you can get real-time updates and statistics, see who is online right now, view and download user data. All customer data is yours to market with in all your current marketing methods.

You’ll also get automated weekly reporting sent directly to your email inbox.

Lead-Generating Digital Loyalty Card Program

You also get the ConexLoyalty program… which gives you 500 digital punch cards that users can add to their AppleWallet in their Apple devices, or in WalletPasses on their Android devices.

We custom design your punch cards, branding them with your logo and images. You can choose to have 8, 10, or 12 punches on your cards, and can even specify what you want the punched and unpunched images to be.

Our system integrates with POS scanners, QR code scanners, even mobile devices like cell phones or ipods that have cameras. We also have web-based html scanners that integrate as well. You also have access to each customer’s punch card, so you can manually add or remove punches as necessary. You have plenty of control!

Customized Rewards Campaign

You get 1 active campaign that every customer will be exposed to… you can choose to reward them with punches for actions they do, such as 1 punch when they add their email to their profile, another punch when they add their phone number, and one punch for just signing up.

Push-Notifications When Loyalty Members Are Nearby

You’ll be able to customize the notification everyone receives when they come within 1500 feet of your location, as well as have the ability to send out your own special, one-off messages to all pass holders letting them know of a limited-time special you’re offering, some exciting news regarding your store, or just to wish them a happy holid

Private Dashboard With Reporting and Analytics

You have complete access to analytics and a dashboard that outlines all activity and user data… and can download your entire user list to use however you’d like.


3-Part Strategy Consulting Webinar Series

We’ve already mentioned our expertise and experience in both online and offline marketing. It’s what we do. So we’ve put together a 3-part Strategy Consulting Webinar Series that distills some of our very best strategies and tactics specifically for retail business owners… where we walk through a tested, automated system of exactly how to best leverage our service to grow your customer base.

Retail Value: $597

7-Part Automated Email Marketing Campaign

Now, in addition… we’ve also put together a comprehensive 7-part automated email marketing series that we will customize for your business. Each user will be automatically added to the email list the moment they successfully sign in to your Free WiFi Hotspot. These emails are designed to continue offering them benefits long after they have left your place of business, keeping your brand in the forefront of their minds. We set all of this up for you, and it simply runs in the background.

Retail Value: $300 setup + $100/mo

And if you sign up today, you’ll receive these SPECIAL BONUSES:

Loyalty Program Refer-A-Friend Tracking and Rewards

This is a referral system on steroids! We have built in a VIRAL referral component… your entire system literally turns into an automated lead-generating machine… working for you 24/7. … Incentivizing your current customers to refer their friends, colleagues and family members… by simply having this module activated… your business has the ability to grow exponentially.

Retail Value: $1000

Integrated Facebook Remarketing Pixel

Next, we will put our programmers to work and add a Facebook Retargeting Pixel onto your campaigns… this enables you to immediately advertise to every Facebook user who land on your signup page and their Facebook Friends. They don’t even have to complete the login process! Once they see the login page, you capture their Facebook details in your custom remarketing list in your Facebook Advertising account. This is huge… and allows you to do some extremely targeted marketing… at any time.

Retail Value: $500+

2 Extra WiFi Hotspot Campaigns

Next, you may want to create special, weekly, monthly, or even one-off campaigns… perhaps you want to promote a particular product… perhaps you want more customers to come to your place of business on a particular day… you will receive 2 custom campaigns that you can schedule to automatically start and end at specific, even recurring times…

Retail Value: $200

Advanced WIFI/Loyalty Marketing Services Video Series

And finally, in addition to the 3-part Strategy Consulting Webinar Series, you will receive a comprehensive Advanced WIFI/Loyalty Marketing Services Video Series… this is an ongoing video series where we outline the most cutting edge ways to leverage our service to grow your company…

Retail Value: $497

Total Retail Value: $3,094+

Yours Today To Help You Make The Very Most Out Of Your Marketing Investment!