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Market Research is Step 1 In Your Market Domination Strategy


This is the first of six sections and many posts revolving around Lead Generation. Regardless of whether you run a B2B organization or your business is focused on B2C related products and services, you will want to tune into the next several weeks of posts. As I was outlining this initial segment, I thought of a recent client, a Fresno SEO Company that we assisted in refining their Avatar process (more on that in a bit.) I thought of the massive importance of taking just a little bit of time to refine exactly who your target market is, and who that [...]

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Customer Acquisition Costs – They’re Lower Than Ever… If You Use A Strategy


Listen, unless you've been hiding underneath a rock, you've heard all the marketing voices trumpet on and on about how costs to acquire a new client have increased exponentially over the past 5 or so years. In fact, we're one of those loud mouths espousing this concern. However, nearly unanimously, every one of those voices outlines the idea that with a sound and clearly executed strategy, that at no other time in the 21st century could a business reduce their overall customer acquisition cost than today. It's true. The problem is that literally nowhere can a business find this information. So, [...]

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Useful Techniques In 2017 | Interesting Link Building Tactics


Useful Techniques In 2017 | Interesting Link Building Tactics We have been talking about link building in our previous posts and back again with a new set that will surely change your perception of how they are being built this year. The SEO Tulsa blog talks about organic searches and three of the most effective organic link building tactics. Out with the old, in with the new. Some of the techniques we will enumerate below might be familiar to you, or could be your first time learning about them. Although some tactics had been around for awhile and had been used [...]

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Your SEO Guide To A Multi-Location Business


Your SEO Guide To A Multi-Location Business | SEO Round Rock For businesses operating in multiple physical locations, digitally marketing the brand and services is difficult. Though you want to promote a single brand, the aim is still to rank high in the search engine results pages (SERP) for each and every location. Typical online marketing strategies don’t work well in this situation simply because the SEO efforts would require exceedingly large amounts of marketing assets to be produced for each individual location. When optimizing for SEO, content management and organizational management are separate divisions that are both vital in the [...]

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Bounce Rate And Website Goal Come Hand In Hand


Bounce Rate And Website Goal Come Hand In Hand What makes a visitor stay on your website? What encourages them to browse through the anchor texts within an article on the page they are on? Will it negatively affect your Fresno SEO standing if visitors leave right away after reaching your site? Conversion Rate Depends on Bounce Rates In the internet marketing world’s web traffic analysis, the percentage of the viewers who enter the site and then leave (bounce) rather than stay and navigate through the other pages on the same website, is called the Bounce Rate. It reflects the [...]

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Automation Tools For SEO Albany


Automation Tools For SEO Albany In this post, the expert SEO Albany Company discusses one of our favorite free web tools, IFTTT and the several ways you can use it to improve your rankings.But let's start with the basics. What is IFTTT? Here is the Wikipedia definition: “IFTTT is a free web-based tool that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called "recipes", which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. IFTTT is an abbreviation of "If This Then That” But what does this really mean? Why IFTTT Is A [...]

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Fresno SEO Quick Page Rankings


Fresno SEO Quick Page Rankings Top ranking pages. We all want them, but sometimes we don’t have the resources to dedicate in order to achieve these rankings. So what is the solution? There is definitely a way to earn decent rankings without the large investment that usually accompanies content marketing and targeted backlinking strategies. This post will cover several of the easier and less time consuming methods that small and medium-sized businesses can use to really ramp up their existing page rankings. Let me first go over why the page rankings can be crucial or not only your website pages but also [...]

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Digital Marketing For Business Growth in Fresno


Fresno SEO and Digital Marketing | Grow Business with Testimonials Welcome to another post of a five part series in our Fresno SEO Expert series. This post is about using digital marketing. We speak about how you can leverage client experiences to your advantage and to attract new customers. The previous post was about to how to convert prospects to leads. This last article was big on using email marketing, social media marketing, and building trust over a scheduled timeframe. We are an SEO Company in Fresno CA. Our team comes from many types of backgrounds and industries. We’ve collectively [...]

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Off Page SEO For Albany NY


Off Page SEO Tutorial | Neovora Albany SEO Agency This is the next post in a series of blog posts meant to educate small and medium sized business on Albany NY SEO. We want you to understand why digital marketing and search engine optimization is critical in remaining competitive in this new era of technology and consumer behaviors. This post is about how to go about planting the seeds on the web to be traced back to your website. Neil Patel has a great off-page SEO blog post on his site. Off page SEO is the type of search engine marketing that is [...]

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