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Easy Social Media Marketing Strategy Steps


Easy Social Media Marketing Strategy Steps When planning your social media marketing strategy, don’t go for broad or unattainable plans. Make it brief but comprehensive. Simple but with long-term measures. Be specific so that every strategy execution is analyzed and calculated, threading through action steps already identified and decided. For every post, re-post, like, share, or comment, make it count. Each action taken by the by existing clients, followers, prospects, or the target audience, in general, can be of an advantage to the business. So make it count. Maximize the individual potential of each audience engagement. Where to Start With [...]

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4 Lesser-Known (But Awesome) Benefits of Social Media Marketing


The benefits of Social Media Marketing are clear to most entrepreneurs and with the help of our team of Portland SEO Experts, they are making steps towards leveraging social media to increase traffic to their sites and increase brand recognition. However...there are still some that see them as a short-lived trend with no practical advantage and a very steep learning curve. If you are among them, and the mainstream benefits such as increased sales, building a relationship with your audience, and targeting it more effectively than other means, you'll change your mind after reading this post. We have collected 5 social [...]

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Three Pinterest Strategies To Help Boost Your Business


Three Pinterest Strategies To Help Boost Your Business Next to Facebook and Twitter, there is no doubt that Pinterest is one of the most popular social media sites today. More users referred by the site are more likely to purchase products than those sent by other social media giants. With its unique and super simple navigation ways, everyone has access to ideas, samples, guides, How-To’s, content, images, and techniques that might be vital to one or more person. “Pinterest has more than 150 million monthly active users, and most of the people joining are outside the U.S. So to continue [...]

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4 Easy Ways To Achieve Professional Branding On Instagram


4 Easy Steps To Achieve Professional Branding On Instagram Why is Instagram a popular app for mobile users and marketing agencies alike? This is because of the existing 500 million users (and still growing) in this application and the incredibly high potential for a person or brand to gain popularity through an increasing number of followers. It is also one of the best platforms to post quality pictures that will truly satisfy the visual hunger for vivid, realistic, fashionable, and marketable images and short videos, which can become the next viral thing on the internet. “Over the past four years, [...]

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Reaching Your Target Audience Through Successful Facebook Ads


Reaching Your Target Audience Through Successful Facebook Ads Facebook is one of the largest and one of the most influential social media website in this computer age. The range of users vary from teenagers to adults in their fifties, wherein millennials are the age group that largely use this site to connect with friends and family to get updates, news, and stay connected to the rest of the world. “Customer acquisition platform Fluent released the results of a new survey that analyzed the smartphone and social media use habits of 1,769 millennials (aged 18 through 34) and 1,191 non-millennials (35 and [...]

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There’s More To Social Media Marketing Than Facebook and Twitter


There's More To Social Media Marketing Than Facebook and Twitter Social media marketing in the internet age is a tool used by businesses to achieve their marketing goals. It is an effective way for marketers to reach the target audience via the internet through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (to name a few of the most popular sites). With social media marketing, businesses have more access to a wider range of audience, plus a chance to have a more personal and timely interaction with prospects and existing customers. Aside from reaching out to customers, these platforms also help [...]

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Fresno CA Email Marketing


Close Leads with Email Marketing You’ve read our previous blog post on converting visitors, right? No? Ok, go back and read those. If you aren’t up to date on the Fresno SEO Company Expert series, go back and start over! This post is on the wonders of email marketing and social media marketing. Last post we talked about utilizing your site as a tool to get your prospects to raise their hand and signal that they are interested in your services. This post will discuss bringing them from a potential client to actually being a client that pays you money! If [...]

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Social Media Marketing In Albany


Social Media Tips For Small and Mid-Sized Business in Albany NY This is the fourth post in a series of blog posts that deals with helping businesses in New York with their search engine optimization efforts. As a top Albany SEO Company, we know a thing or two about digital marketing and social media marketing. We especially know how to do New York Lead Generation right! Here is a list of some things that local business in New York are doing incorrectly. We have lots of other posts about how social media in our blog posts that can better assist you [...]

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3 Social Media Marketing Hurdles


3 Social Media Marketing Challenges Every Small or Medium Business Is Facing (And How To Solve Them!) With nearly one third of the world's population being active on social media, every business wants to reach even a tiny percentage of that number with an engaging post. For big businesses with digital marketing departments and hundreds of resources things seem to be working. They've nailed social media. They have thousands likes, shares and comments on every Facebook post, Tweet or Instagram photo, but what about the rest? Small and medium business owners still feel overwhelmed and keep wondering "What am I doing [...]

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