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The Local Business Survival Formula

Get a complete, done-for-you system for magnetizing customers – in any market.

Even if you’re already losing customers to the competition… and don’t know why.
Even if prospects who look you up online bounce and never buy.

Ready to get more customer loyalty and a steady stream of new business on auto-pilot?


Local Businesses Today Need to Market Smarter


of consolidating markets end up dominated by a few big players.
Harvard Business Review


stores closed in 2017 – the highest number on record. 
Fast Company


of industries were more concentrated in 2012 than in 1997.
The Economist

Can Your Local Business Survive Corporate Competition?

Only if you can drive loyalty, increase transactions and organically grow your customer base – without the high cost of advertising.

Touchpoint 80/20 helps you win at all three by creating a better customer experience – online and offline. Because increasingly, customer experience is the only way to compete.

Discover the easier, faster, automated way to survive and thrive.

Only Touchpoint 80/20 automates the 3 main ways to grow your business:

increase customer value

Transaction Value

Discover opportunities to sell higher-value products and services – by finding out what customers really want.

increase client transactions

Transaction Frequency

Nurture customers and stay top-of-mind with valuable, customized communications – so they keep coming back.

increase customers

New Customers

Get found online when our automated system prompts only your happiest customers to leave 5-star reviews.

Discover How Touchpoint 80/20 Works


A done-for-you system for growth.

1. Hands-Free Email Marketing 

Remind customers why you’re better – and that you care. We build loyal relationships one helpful, friendly email at a time.

2. Easy Customer Feedback

Know exactly what customers value and what drives them away. Get insight without spending any time on surveys.

1. Regular 5-Star Reviews

Get people talking about your business! With our system, prospects will come pre-sold – even if you don’t offer the lowest price.


Increase Transaction Value

Drive up the lifetime value of each customer when you become their go-to source for higher value products and services.


Build Loyalty

Sending helpful, valuable email makes customers more positive about your brand and likely to spend more with your business.


Get More Insight

Actionable feedback from your customer survey lets you do more of what they value and less of the rest.

Increase transaction value

Nurture Customers

2-way communication with customers improves your relationship for a better buying experience and more value.

More Transactions. More Often.

Simple email touchpoints nurture loyal customers and earn referrals.

Stay Top-of-Mind

When you’re in frequent touch, customers will think of you instead of the competition – and refer their friends.

Use Content to Sell More

Make your customers aware of the ways your products and services solve their problems – and keep them coming back for more.

Happy Customers Bring New Customers

A brilliant system for generating 5-star social reviews helps you bring in more new business.

Increase reviews

Increase Great Reviews

Automatically identify and encourage your happiest clients to leave you online reviews.


Attract More Prospects

80% of prospects base their buying decisions on online reviews. When you have a steady stream of great reviews, you’re at the front of the line.

more clients to your store

Convert Prospects to Buyers

Enjoy easier selling when you have more positive online reviews. Prospects come ready to choose you OVER the competition.

Touchpoint 80/20
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