The Email Marketing, Customer Insight & 5-Star Review System for Local Businesses

Beat the corporate competition when you use Touchpoint 80/20 to win more customer loyalty and new business – with 3 brilliant marketing features.

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Automated. Hands-free.
Proven Business Growth.


Touchpoint 80/20 is the only done-for-you marketing system that drives growth in 3 ways.

  • Customers buy more from you;

  • Spend more frequently;

  • And bring in new customers.

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Hands-Free Email Marketing

You collect emails from customers. We write, design, sequence and automate custom monthly emails that come from your business. Because if you aren’t in their inbox, your competitors are.

scheduled emails

Become a Constant Presence

We send auto-scheduled, monthly email newsletters to your customers. You stay top-of-mind.

professional content

Be Their Trusted Source

Your professionally-written emails deliver helpful, relevant advice that makes customers see you as the authority.


Enjoy More Loyalty

When customers need what you sell, they’ll think of you first – thanks to your email marketing system.

Easy Customer Feedback

Keep a finger on the pulse of satisfaction – without spending any time on surveys. You’ll stay ahead of the competition by discovering and acting on exactly what your customers really want.


Get Instant Feedback

Stop guessing how your customers feel about your business and whether they plan to come back or refer you. Receive Net Promoter Score survey feedback straight to your inbox.

business strengths

Take Action Immediately

In your customers’ own words, find out what’s working and what’s not. Develop your strengths. Improve your weaknesses. Provide a better overall customer experience.

increased revenue

Be the Customer Hero

Stand out from the crowd of competition as the business that cares. Customers will love you for asking what they want and doing more of the right things.

Regular 5-Star Reviews

92% of online prospects base their decision on social reviews. Customers will choose you over the local competition when you have a constant flow of rave reviews – even if you’re competing against corporate chains.


Increase 5-Star Reviews

Get reviews from the right customers. We automatically prompt your biggest fans to leave Facebook and Google+ reviews.

beat the competition

Attract More Prospects

Your 5-star online reviews attract more prospects and make the decision to do business with you easy. Stand out from the competition.


Grow Exponentially

The more 5-star reviews, the more you’ll be found… and the cycle of growth continues with each new rave review.