A Steady Stream of 5-Star Reviews

Attract more prospects away from the corporate chains when your local business gets constant online praise.


of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than advertising.


of consumers read reviews to gauge the quality of a local business.


of potential customers will not choose a business based on negative reviews.
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Pre-Sell Your Prospects with Reviews

online reviews

The #1 way prospects judge your business is by your online reviews.
Before they decide, they need to see multiple, recent, positive reviews.

Your corporate competitors aren’t leaving their online reputation up to chance – and neither should you.

Instead of letting prospects bounce to the local alternative, let your rave reviews do the work of selling.

Touchpoint 80/20 automates more 5-star reviews.

Our review generating system lets you:

  • Identify happy customers

  • Ask your top “Promoters” for reviews

  • Attract more new prospects

Here’s How It Works

Automatically prompt 5-star reviews from your happiest customers, clients or patients. Outshine your competition online.

1. When you serve a new customer, we automatically send an email survey to gauge their sentiment about your business.

2. If a customer is neutral or dissatisfied, we ask for private email feedback on areas for improvement.

3. When your happiest customers tell us they’re very likely to recommend you, we ask for reviews on social media.

With the Touchpoint 80/20 review system you can:

  • Attract new clients with your customers’ raving, recent reviews

  • Get seen by your customers’ friends in their Facebook news feed

  • Earn more free Google traffic because you’re getting reviewed there

better serp rankings

Increase reviews

4 and 5-Star Reviews

Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey before we ask for a review lets us identify your ‘Promoters’ – those customers highly likely to rate you 5/5 stars. We take the guesswork out of generating rave reviews!

beat the competitionConsistent Flow of Praise

The most persuasive reviews are not only positive but recent. With the Touchpoint 80/20 system running automatically in the background, you get a steady stream of 4 and 5-star reviews.

social proofCommanding Social Proof

The number of your reviews is just as important as your star average. When prospects compare you to local competitors they’ll see positive social proof that you are the right choice.

increase customersA Steady Stream of New Customers

Your customers’ friends find you when they see reviews on their Facebook newsfeed. And thanks to Google+ ratings, your site ranks higher in search results… All of which attracts more prospects to your business effortlessly.