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Measure and manage customer happiness with the Net Promoter Score® survey. 



Customers are 400% more likely defect if the problem is service related.
Bain & Company


of consumers churn because of poor service that could have been prevented.


of referrals in most businesses come from Promoters identified by the NPS survey.
Net Promoter System, 2013

Customer Feedback  Fuels Business Growth

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey is known by Fortune 500 companies as "The Most Important Question" you can ask your customers.

But most small and mid-sized businesses don't have a system like NPS to gather insight and turn customer feedback into profits.

Touchpoint 80/20 is the solution.

Our automated NPS survey lets you:

  • Boost client retention

  • Increase client lifetime value

  • Get more 5-star reviews

Get actionable customer feedback that leads to growth - completely done-for-you.

When you sign-up for Touchpoint 80/20, you get a Net Promoter Score survey system as part of the affordable, monthly package.

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Here's How It Works

Without ever touching a survey system you get immediate feedback to drive growth.

1. An NPS survey is automatically emailed to each customer asking how likely they are to refer you on a scale of 1-10.

2. Our system sends a follow-up question asking for open-ended feedback on your strengths or weaknesses.

3. You use real-time insight to address issues and increase client satisfaction right away.


With the Touchpoint 80/20 NPS survey system you can:

  • See what your clients say in their own words

  • Leverage your strengths

  • Improve on your weaknesses

  • Measure your business performance

  • Show customers you work harder to serve their needs

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the ONE question

Build Customer Loyalty

Reach out to clients immediately to show you value their insight. When you listen to your customers' feedback, it makes them feel like part of your growth. Your relationship strengthens.

Drive Growth
Valuable feedback

Knowing what your customers really want is the only way to make smart business decisions. By gathering unfiltered feedback you can do more of what drives profits and less of what hinders your growth.

Develop Strengthsbusiness strengths

The NPS survey prompts your delighted customers to explain what was positive about their experience. Now you know your strengths! Develop the things you're good at and use these advantages to market to new prospects.

Business toolsImprove Weaknesses

With the NPS survey, you get feedback on areas for improvement -  in your customers' own words. Now you know you know what to change! Use these insights to improve operations and mitigate risks.

client relationsTake Immediate Action

Don't wait to learn that an unsatisfied customer defected to the competition... or wrote a bad review. With real-time feedback, you can address issues before they become risks.

win-back-clientsWin More Business

When you become known as the business that listens to customers and acts on their feedback, you attract more new customers and earn repeat business. Get the advantage over your competition with customer service.

know your best clientsKnow Your 5-Star Clients

Don't risk damaging your reputation by asking every customer to leave a public review. With NPS feedback, you can identify your top Promoters and ask exclusively for their online reviews. It's the secret to a steady stream of consistent 5-star ratings!

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