Staying up to date with the newest trends may NOT be your forte. You are busy running your business and it’s hard enough to keep up with the latest marketing tactics, let alone implement them in your own messaging strategy.

Thinking up new and engaging social media content ideas can be difficult. Browse these ideas and implement as you see fit!

1. “Tag a friend” “Share with a friend”

A social post that users want to share with their friends gains you immediate authority. Encourage followers to share the post with a friend to take advantage of quick exposure.

Often, you’ll see that social media users will tag their friends in the comments of posts that they think their friends will enjoy. You can take advantage of this quick and easy exposure by posting relatable content and inviting users to tag a friend that they think will enjoy or relate to the content. This opens the door to your followers’ friends, who likely share the same interests.

This example is just a simple,’call out a friend’. People use these posts to say Hey! To a friend who share the same interests. Simple enough.

2. How-the-sausage-is-made and behind-the-scenes posts.

social media content ideasShowing the behind-the-scenes processes to followers makes them feel like VIPs. Typically the back-door ongoings are reserved for insiders. So grant them access and they’ll feel like they’re in the inner circle.

This opens your business to show the more personal side, a group of hard-working and passionate people. It can also be used to show the detail, passion, and additional steps that the public may not know about.

Example: Fabricators can show ongoing projects in the production floor. Dentists can show their teams attending conferences, or the addition of new furnishings. Restaurants can show the back of house preparing greens, veggies, cutting steaks, or whatever for their upcoming services.

3. Use user-generated content from your followers and clients.

User-generated content can be as simple as using your clients photos. Show them using products, in your office, receiving their service, or their end result with your goods. This builds that specific relationship and can show your personal side to your prospects who do not otherwise know you.

Content from the public and the average person is more well-received than from the brand itself. Moreover, recommendations from other consumers is not viewed as spammy, so leverage customers’ voices wherever you can.

Example: A furniture store can show a client’s newly furnished living room. Tag them in the post (with permission first of course), and tell them you’re thankful for their business, and so excited for how it all looks once it was installed. *Note: Make sure the image is well lit, spaced, and clearly shows your products, which you have available for purchase.

4. Contests and Giveaways

We all like free things, sometimes we wait in line for hours for something that is worth $10. Contests and giveaways are a simple way to get engagement from followers and prospects, and doesn’t always need to break the bank. Specifically on Instagram, Tailwind, found that accounts that host contents grow 70% faster than the average.

Yours doesn’t need to offer as much as $10,000, but something you can handle is more than enough to get responses.

Forget social media post ideas and get done-for-you solutions.

More than anything else, maintaining a steady flow of posts on your Facebook feed is the best way to keep followers reminded of your expertise and presence. Our social posting engagement system is a done for you solution to increase loyalty, get more revenue, and build better relationships.

Part 2 of this series can be found here, or read about other social media strategies. Learn more about Neovora and how can we can help you with simple products that deliver high return on investment.