In Part 2 of our Social Media Trends series, we’ll continue to cover some creative ways to entice your audience to engage with your social media content.

5. Utilize emojis

Using emojis is a simple way to engage audiences and is quick, fun, and universal. Using emojis in posts will increase engagement. You can use emojis in the content, the caption, or even encourage followers to respond or comment only in emojis.

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This post from Dominoes is just one big emoji in the shape of a pizza! Not much to it, but fun and simple wins here.

6. Instructional and how-to videos

Creating videos is simple, fast, and entertaining, and it’s easy to post. Don’t overthink it! Prepare a simple outline for the video, make sure there is no lunch in your teeth and then record!

Eye-catching and engaging videos show your personality and may give a sneak peek into your profession.

Example: Orthodontists can show how to use floss threaders, water flossers, or how to handle a sudden emergency if a dental apparatus breaks. Landscapers can show videos for how to reprogram the automated sprinkler. Restaurants can show to prepare a well-known or popular dressing available in the restaurant.

Followers may want to reference these videos in the future, and will be more prone to share that content with their friends and families.

Cooking and recipe posts are one example of this how-to in action. How many of these would you watch?

7. Implement Polls and Surveys

Quick and easy to set up, you can get the opinion of your followers. They think they may be valuable in your decision making, even if it’s just for fun. Polls are easy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This also helps you identify their preferences, so you can better deliver products and services they want to buy.

You can also ask them what kind of content they want to see! Ask them what they want.

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8. Share tips and offer valuable insight

Good social media is not about you! It’s not about new products, sales, how good your services are, but more about helping your followers and improving their lives. Convince prospects that you are their answer and the industry authority by providing information they find useful.

Share tips and advice so their problems may diminish. This builds relationships.

Example: Dentists can offer reminders to brush teeth, facts about tooth enamel and how teeth become yellowed or weakened through which kinds of foods. Accountants can offer methods to reduce your tax obligation, or ways to make tax-day easier.

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