This is the 3rd post in a series that offers new ideas for local businesses. Engaging audiences with fun social media posts is difficult, so we’ve collected the best ideas and are presenting them here. Check out the Part 1 and Part 2 of this post for more fun ideas.

9. Throwback Thursday

ThrowBackThursday is most popular on Twitter and Instagram. It’s used to show some memories from days past. Use it to recycle some old content, an event, an award, anything worth reposting.

#TBT is the hashtag that people use to mark the fun or unique memories they have. Here are some ideas of what to post on #TBT.

  • Share an old event you hosted
  • Old business cards, logos, offices or storefronts
  • Post baby photos of your team
  • Photos of past projects
  • Repost old advertisements
  • Post customers having overcome obstacles (with their permission)
  • Fun and relevant fact about your business
  • Awards or recognition

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10. Video Testimonials

Having your clients and customers advocate and promote your brand is the best form of marketing. Your prospects are looking for reviews and confirmation that you are the correct choice, and videos are atop the list of things that help convert them.

Ask satisfied customers if they would help you grow your business by recording a quick testimonial about why your brand is the best option among the competition. You can shoot them on your phone, a camera, and make it a quick thing if you like.

Or you can have it be more professional and have a tripod, a nice backdrop or something that you are proud to post and display on the web and on social platforms. Good locations can also be industry events, conferences, or right in the middle of you delivering the product of service.

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11. Social Media Takeovers

A takeover is a fun option for brands that have access to influences, industry experts and others within your community with a large following.

The person who takes over your account will make posts, stories, videos, or anything that is their style to highlight your products or services.

This is fun because it shows your business from an outsider’s eyes, allowing for new avenues of communication. It also can bring your business into the eyes of more people who would otherwise not notice you regularly. These work extremely well on Instagram.

Examples could be:

  • A local celebrity taking update posts on Instagram stories for a spa
  • A professional athlete taking over the social media stories for a local gym or supplement store

When selecting this option, here are a few key steps to making sure it is successful:

  1. Decide who is going to take over- Are they famous/popular? Is their network a crossover of yours? Does it bring new audience into your sphere?
  2. Select the network. In what type of media does this person excel?
  3. Set criteria. Establish objectives, develop an outline, determine content material, set limitations.
  4. Set permissions for their access.
  5. Align goals. Make sure both parties will benefit from the arrangement.
  6. Promote the event. Ramp up the excitement, tell your followers what is to come so that you can have people waiting for the event.
  7. Monitor the results. Was it a success? Did you get above average engagement? Conversions? Followers?

This is the end of our three-part series. Hopefully, you get some social media ideas for local business. These trendy and innovative tools are a great way for you to develop your following and increasing engagement and ultimately conversion into clients.

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